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  • Based in Mattapoisett, MA.
  • Founded in 1927
  • 20% commercial and 80% personal
  • 21 Employees
David Dunn of G.H. Dunn Insurance

David Dunn

“We had faith in SIS and Partner XE and the people behind it – and we still do. Everything we have seen so far is that they truly listen to us and we believe they are making good on their word, adjusting and making changes where necessary so it works for our agency. That is important.”

G.H. Dunn Insurance Agency is a full service insurance agency that has served local New England area communities for more than eighty years. With four office locations and as a founding member of The Waters Insurance Network, the agency represents more than 50 different insurance companies. Family owned for three generations, G.H. Dunn insurance offers an array of quality insurance options and financial services to suit commercial or personal needs.

When they learned that their old agency management system was no longer going to be supported, owner and President David Dunn and his team embarked on a search for a solution that could help them maintain their legacy of high quality insurance products and personal service. Read on to learn more about why they chose SIS and Partner XE.

Tell me about G.H. Dunn Insurance Agency – your agency has been around for more than 80 years! What do you believe have been the keys to your success and longevity?

For us, it comes down to faithfully being involved in our community and always trying to do the right thing. All 3 generations of our agency have served on local boards and non-profit organizations. Our goal is to give back to our communities and be an active corporate citizen. From the top down, everyone at our agency is invested in our company and involved in our communities. We hire good people with the right moral compass – that definitely has contributed to our longevity.

Our staff focus on doing the right thing at all times and try to do the best job possible at all times. Sometimes the right thing is the hard thing. We have been around so long because we consistently do the right thing..

That’s what we have always focused on: doing the right thing and being a good corporate neighbor.

How long were you with your previous provider?

We were with our old provider for about 11 years, give or take.

What led you to consider making a change in management systems?

We knew it was time to make a change because the program we were using was no longer going to be supported. We wanted to get ahead of that. We also wanted to take everything to the cloud, as we foresaw that was where the industry was headed.

We were looking for something other than direct products sold by our old provider.

When we learned about SIS and Partner XE, and looked at the price, features and the people, we were intrigued. Michael Doran came himself and made a pitch to us, and that stood out to me. I am a fan of knowing the President of the companies I work with, no matter how big an organization might be. I like to be able to share that I believe in that person, and know that I can talk to that person if I need to.

How did you learn about SIS and Partner XE?

We started looking for a new system about three years ago. During that time, we received an email from SIS. About a year later, Michael Doran came out and performed a demo for us and we signed a proposal shortly after.

How was the transition over to SIS/ Partner XE? Did it go smoothly or were there bumps in the road? How did you feel any challenges were addressed?

We certainly faced some challenges at first in getting the system to work. The data conversion was a challenge but SIS and Partner XE were right alongside us, getting us through the transition. We had no doubt the team had our back.

We had faith in SIS and Partner XE and the people behind it – and we still do. Everything we have seen so far is that they truly listen to us and we believe they are making good on their word, adjusting and making changes where necessary so it works for our agency. That is important.

What have you found SIS provides that larger providers do not?

More than anything, with SIS you can contact actual people very easily. With our previous provider, that wasn’t so easy. Now, if we need to reach out, we know just who to contact.

The customer service is also outstanding.

Which Partner XE capabilities do you or does your team use the most?

We use the document integration and compartmentalization a lot. We can easily file and organize information in the proper policy level line and can quickly find emails that pertain to a certain policy.

We also appreciate the big picture reports – agency snapshot is one of our favorites.

Binders and the quick menus are also used a lot and make a positive impact on our work.

What advice would you offer to other agencies considering making a change but still holding back?

I’d recommend that they make sure the companies they are considering have done data migration. If so, ask to speak with those companies so you can garner whether the transition has gone smoothly. Ask the provider how quickly they can get your data organized and up and running?

I’d also remind other agencies that nothing will go as smoothly as you might hope – sometimes it’s better, sometimes not. But it is important to hang in there and stick with the decision you make. With SIS, you can call for help with any challenge. We spoke up when something wasn’t working for us and we always received the support we needed – and often times, things came back around in a future update.

We believe in SIS and Partner XE, so we aren’t looking back. Even despite some of the hiccups we experienced with the software in the beginning, we knew we were in for the long haul. When it comes to price and the high level of support you get, I would recommend any agency look into SIS and Partner XE as their agency management system of choice.

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