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  • Based in Abilene, TX.
  • Founded in 1977
  • 65% commercial and 35% personal
  • 12 Employees
Mark Perkins - Perkins Insurance Agency

Mark Perkins

“There is real bang for your buck with Partner XE but it’s more than just saving money. It’s the whole package. It’s a seamless transition to a new system with high functionality and ease of use. It’s personalized relationships and constant, accessible customer service that will remain beyond the on-boarding process. You’ll never be just a number with SIS.”

Family-owned Perkins Insurance Agency is celebrating its fortieth year as one of the leading providers of insurance and risk management solutions. With locations in Abilene and Clyde, Texas, Mark Perkins and his team serve clients throughout the state of Texas and beyond.

When Mark learned about SIS and Partner XE and recognized the potential cost savings it presented, in addition to its ease-of-use and client friendly features, he was ready to make a change. Read on to find out why.

Tell me a little bit about what makes Perkins Insurance Agency unique?

Our agency had small beginnings, starting out in a little town, Anson, TX in 1977 – a town of about 2,700 people at the time. Our family-owned business has grown and evolved since then, as we now have offices in both Abilene and Clyde, TX and provide business, personal, life and health insurance solutions as well as risk management expertise.

We are a relationship-oriented agency – from clients to carriers to our vendors, it’s very important to us.

You had switched a previous two times to a new management system. What led you to consider switching again?

We are a relationship-oriented agency. That personal touch is very important to us in terms of how we take care of our clients and in the vendors we choose to work with. We had no relationship whatsoever with our previous provider. In contrast, the SIS team— led by executives Alex, Bryce and Michael— is incredibly personable and persistently available to customers. An opportunity for more personalized service was very compelling for us.

In addition, we saw an opportunity to lower costs and benefit from a more advanced management system with Partner XE. Any smart business owner is going to take advantage of a chance to improve processes and cut costs.

What have you found SIS is able to provide that larger providers do not?

I am aware of many solutions coming down the line that will continue to set SIS apart in the industry. From the client portal to the coming proposal and CRM systems, there are many solutions that grow the SIS advantage, especially given the affordability. There is a significant bang for your buck with SIS.

In addition, the consistent customer service, support and the people that make up the SIS team have always impressed us. SIS listens, is always open to customer feedback and works to implement our suggested improvements when applicable.

Over the course of our relationship – about 3 years now – nothing has changed. We still have great connections within the SIS team and can access help whenever we need it.

What do you think is the best part of Partner XE? What features do you use the most?

In general, the system is quite easy to navigate – that was a major reason we decided to switch over. It is also incredibly client-friendly. Client-side features are easy to access, easy to read. Partner XE helps us ensure we are consistently giving our clients the best.

We also appreciate the certificate management system. We are a commercial driven agency, so we use that every day.

You have referred other agencies to SIS, what do you think is most important for another business owner considering Partner XE?

Plenty of other vendors offer on-site training, on-boarding assistance, and other similar services, but the people at Partner XE are the difference. They are great to work with and helpful from beginning to end. They will listen to your concerns, actively take them into account and address issues right away, working to ensure a smooth transition. That attentiveness will continue throughout your relationship.

This was our second move to an entirely new system and it has by far been the best experience. Partner XE has made it a truly seamless, painless process.

What advice would you offer to someone looking to make a change and weighing Partner XE against other providers?

You have to do your homework. Find the product and the fit that is right for you and your business. It’s a decision that you can’t be too quick to conclude. Research the benefits of the systems and how those will help you manage day-to-day operations. Then, be sure to be prepared on your end— get your staff, your data ready for the transition— before going into a switch.

You never know what to expect when you begin the process of implementing a new system but the team at Partner XE makes it much less stressful. They are right there offering a reliable listening ear, attuned to you – the client – from day one of your transition, through process of training and the changes that will inevitably come as your business grows.

With Partner XE it’s about more than just saving money. It’s the whole package. It’s a seamless transition to a new system with high functionality and ease of use. It’s personalized relationships and constant, accessible customer service that will remain beyond the on-boarding process. You just don’t get that anywhere else.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Partner XE can sell itself in terms of its functionality and ease of use on a day-to-day basis. Coupled with the affordability, it’s better than anything else out there.

The reality is you’re going to pay at least double for another provider’s solution – if not three or four times more – but you’ll always be just a number, a lost client. With Partner XE, you’re in a partnership. You have an advocate.

This is something that reaches beyond the bottom line. In this day of technological advances and impersonal customer service where you lack a personal touch, Partner XE sets itself apart. They get to know you. They care about your business. The people that make Partner XE what it is – that’s why it’s more. It’s real people every day working to ensure Partner XE functions as you need it to.

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