More Than an Agency Management System Provider

John Britton - smallJohn Britton and his team at The Insurance Shop take pride in providing personal, commercial and farm policies to the people of Odon and Loogootee, Indiana. This group of friendly, caring, and loyal people work together to serve their customers as a team. The goal: to make life less complex for the local businesses and families they serve.

After a decade with their agency management system provider, John and his team realized they needed a provider that would make their life easier, too. They started looking for a team player that wouldn’t increase costs. So, when they received a call from SIS National Account Manager Luke Purnell, they took a moment to listen…and liked what they heard.

“One word:  Service. No other provider out there can compare with SIS,” said John of the partnership, “We know the people at SIS, and they know us.”

logo2fullclrWe talked with John about The Insurance Shop’s decision to switch to Partner XE and SIS. He shared wisdom such as:

  • Paying for only what you’ll use in a system
  • Working with a company that listens
  • Going for an intuitive, easy to use system
  • Holding out for good service
  • And more!

Read the rest of our conversation with John here.

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Fast-Growing Kentucky Agency Gets the Support They Need

Bluegrass Head ShotWhen Denise Joy joined Elizabethtown, KY-based Bluegrass Insurance Services in 2012, she was excited to be part of a hard-working, fast-growing business. The Bluegrass motto “We’ll do anything” speaks to the level of service and personal attention found in this independent insurance agency.

However, it quickly became clear Bluegrass’ needs were growing, but their insurance management system was not. Denise described the system as “cumbersome,” coupled with out-of-touch support and zero training. Suffice to say it was time for a change. “We realized our agency was growing and we had to get a better solution,” Denise said. “We couldn’t wait any longer.”

Bluegrass LogoSo, Denise and her team reconnected with a provider and system they’d demoed previously: SIS and Partner XE. With SIS and Partner XE, Bluegrass found a partner that listened and a system that evolved with them.

When asked about the switch to Partner XE and SIS, Denise had this to say: “They have people who are willing to help when you reach out, no matter what your need may be. You just can’t beat that level of attentiveness and support.”

We talked with Denise about Bluegrass’ insurance management system transition including touching on:

  • What led them to seek a new management system solution
  • How they researched Partner XE and SIS
  • What stands out in the Partner XE system
  • Where Partner XE benefits their agency most

…and more! Read the full story on our client stories page.

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Uncovering the Right Management System Partner

Uncovering the Right Management System Partner

Kathy Mulder - Nolan Insurance AgencyWhen Kathy Mulder of Nolan Insurance Agency heard her current management system was being retired, she did anything but panic. With nearly 50 years of service behind them, Kathy and her team knew this was an opportunity to find a provider they could keep for another 22 years.

“We hosted over 12 different agency management systems and asked them questions to uncover whether they could help us provide the level of customer service, and solid insurance solutions our customers expect,” Kathy said of the evaluation process. SIS and Partner XE were among those dozen providers.

We talked with Kathy to find out what she was looking for in an agency management system provider, and how SIS and Partner XE fit the bill. In our conversation we covered:

  • The importance of personalized service
  • The best Partner XE features
  • How to prepare for a management system switch
  • The truth behind data conversion

…and much more! Read our full conversation here. While you’re there, check out our other client stories to hear from our partner agencies throughout the U.S.

Partner XE Client Story: Scratching the 20 Year Itch

Partner XE Client Story: Scratching the 20 Year Itch

Since its founding in 1919, Sweet and Associates has been a family-owned and operated agency serving the Detroit area. Jim Waun is the fourth generation of his family to run the agency, stepping into the role with a lifetime of experience growing up in the industry. His years of experience led Jim to make a bold decision: ditching the system they’d been with for 20 years and switching to a new agency management system provider.

“It was outdated, plain and simple,” Jim said of their old system. “It had ease of use, but you couldn’t do much with it.  Besides that, the cost was far too high. Cost was a big impetus to us making a change.”

We talked with Jim about what prompted him to make the switch and what led him to SIS and Partner XE. In our conversation, we covered:

  • Finding a system with the functionality that fits your agency
  • Holding out for a provider that cares
  • Getting the best price for your system
  • Engaging your team in training
  • Leveraging support resources

Check out our conversation with Jim and other Partner XE agency owners on our conversation with Jim. Like what you hear? Get in touch with us at [email protected] or 800.747.7005, Option 6 to get our conversation started.

SIS Announces Partner XE 2017 Fall Update

SIS Announces Partner XE 2017 Fall Update

The team at Strategic Insurance Software (SIS) is excited to announce the update of the latest round of Partner XE enhancements in the Partner XE 2017 Fall Update. This update includes additional lines support, expanded download capabilities, enhanced client and account management, and upgraded reporting and analysis features.

Each update and enhancement comes directly from Partner XE users. “We continue to enhance and expand Partner XE’s capabilities to meet the growing and changing needs of users,” SIS CEO Alex Deak said of the update. “This latest update contains over 50 enhancements to workflows and features requested by our clients as well as support for more commercial lines of business. It also includes support for the Partner XE Proposal Creator and Client Access Portal, which make Partner XE more valuable to agency users and clients.”

The update adds full support for Garage and Dealers Line of Business as part of SIS’s ongoing commitment to enhancing agency commercial lines capabilities. There are also enhancements to reporting, including new filter screens and options. Existing reports have been updated and new reports added in an effort to prioritize business analytics, helping agencies understand and improve their customer service and retention.

Alison Van Wyk of Partner XE agency Van Wyk Risk Solutions praised SIS’s continual drive to improve. “We’re always impressed with each new Partner XE update, and this upcoming one is no exception. SIS recognizes there is always room to grow, and they really take agencies’ needs to heart when crafting enhancements. In this update, we’re most excited about the new reporting options and features. This will allow us to better analyze our agency data, leading to improved operations and service.”

Highlights of the coming update include:

  • Claims Download and updates to Claims Management Screens
  • Improvements to Certificate Management
  • Ability to cross reference client profiles
  • Document category sorting
  • Updates to exit steps
  • ACORD form generation from QuickMenu
  • Addition of policy history description field

SIS Director of Product Management Bryce Lee called the Partner XE 2017 Fall Update the “most exciting update to date,” adding, “We have enhanced several areas of the system to improve user experience, cut out steps to make our clients more productive and added some exciting new reporting capabilities. We are also releasing several brand-new features, like claims download, which will make a huge difference for our agency’s day-to-day operations. Thanks to our Partner XE User Community Board and endless brainstorming meetings with agencies across the U.S. we’ve put together another powerful update.”

Partner XE agencies will receive the update in mid-October on a rolling basis. The SIS team will host webinars outlining each update capability, and always-accessible Quick Guides will provide users with step-by-step instructions on how to best utilize each capability. To find out more about the update, Partner XE users can visit https://partnerxe.net/partner-xe-2017-update.