What Partner Agencies Have to Say about SIS Partner Platform

What Partner Agencies Have to Say about SIS Partner Platform

We’ve worked with over a thousand agencies in the past ten years, and if we’ve learned one thing, it’s that no two independent agencies are the same. That’s why we tailor the SIS Partner Platform experience for each client, getting to know their specific needs, and crafting a Platform to serve them and their customers in the best way possible.

Through the years, we’ve heard from many of our Partner agencies about their SIS Partner Platform experience. Here are a few of our most recent responses from those in the Partner Platform family.



Partner XE User Community Conference Recap

Partner XE User Community Conference Recap

The 2019 Partner Community National Conference held May 9th-10th in Columbus, Ohio was a memorable event on many levels, including celebrating 10 years since the current leadership team acquired SIS and launched the Partner XE management system, precursor to the Partner Platform.

Collaboration and Innovation from Industry Leaders and Experts

I have many wonderful memories reflecting on the journey of the last decade, including the progress made to the Partner XE agency management system and the growth of the Partner Community. During our National User Conference, we celebrated all these accomplishments, but the main focus of the event was on continual improvement around serving our Partner clients today and into the future.

At the conference, attendees heard from industry influencers like Steve Anderson, Mary Eisenhart Belka of Eisenhart Consulting, Brad Ruben of Archway Computing, and Carey Wallace of Ohio Insurance Agents (OIA). We also held several panel discussions on perpetuation, group sessions on targeted topics like accounting and client engagement, as well as a unique presentation on leadership by John Rue from Built to Lead.

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Attendees hear a welcome address from SIS CEO, Alex Deak

Inspiration and Connection in the New Partner Platform

And if that wasn’t enough, over 30 learning sessions were standing room only, focused on helping Partner clients learn and grow. While the learning was going on, we introduced the new Partner Platform: a response to our Partner clients looking for a system that does great agency management as well as integrates more effective client retention and new business capabilities.

The fully integrated Partner Platform system includes great policy and financial management in Partner XE, simple and integrated sales and marketing capabilities in Partner XL, and innovative client self-service options in Partner Connect.  The combination of all three delivers a seamless experience that stretches from prospect to renewal and covers everything in between.

Find out more about the Partner Community at partnetagents.com

Anticipation of the Innovation to Come

Thank you to all Partner clients and speakers who made the trip from all over the country to celebrate, collaborate, and innovate with us. We continue to receive an overwhelming volume of positive feedback, with attendees saying they look forward to returning next year, with more colleagues in toe.

We look forward to continuing the momentum in the Partner Community with more regional learning events, connecting, collaborating, and innovating the Partner Platform and growing the Partner Community for years to come.

Find out more about our community and the Partner Platform at sisparterplatform.com.

2019 Partner Regional Learning Recap

2019 Partner Regional Learning Recap

We wrapped up another round of engaging Partner Regional Learnings with visits to Massachusetts and Connecticut. The groups of 20-30 each had a great time learning how to maximize the insurance management system Partner Platform and provided great insights into future upgrades and enhancements.

At each Learning, we always see a nice blend of new and tenured clients. This mixture of skill and experience levels leads to stimulating collaboration, with each Partner agency learning helpful tips and tricks for system use.

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Partner Regional Learnings are never “another boring software event.” Each training focuses on using the Partner Platform the best way possible and engaging superusers in feedback sessions for enhancements. Ideas vary by state, specifically around state-specific insurance regulations, but are always thoughtful and innovative. Engaging with such a vibrant, creative community is invigorating!

One of the best parts of the Regional Learnings are the questions. Commonly asked questions tend to focus on efficiency. Our Partner agents want to make sure they’re using the Partner Platform the best way possible. We focus on every little click and keystroke, highlighting ways to do more with fewer actions. These shortcuts make a huge difference in areas like document management and certificates. No matter how long someone has used the system, they’ll always learn something new. 

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We’re grateful our Partner community engages in this way. Agencies who embrace coming to regional events like these, attending webinars and joining us at national industry conferences have a significant impact on the direction of SIS, Partner Platform, and our industry partners. Engagement in the Partner community means shaping our goals and growth, which in turn impacts the growth of our Partner agencies.

We look forward to meeting with all our Partner Community later this month at the 2019 Partner XE User Community National Conference at our Columbus, OH headquarters. Find out more about this and other Partner Community events at https://partneragents.com.