Change ManagementMaking any sort of change can be intimidating and scary, and changing your agency management system is no exception. Whether it’s a small system update or an overhaul, knowing you need a change is the first step. Your reasons may vary (improve efficiency, lower costs, reach more clients) but the process of committing to and enacting a change is the same.

Investigate and Decide

Know your options. Do you need an update to a current system? A plug-in or add on? Or do you need a whole new system? If you’re looking at a new system, decide whether you want to keep your provider to try someone new. The size of your change will determine how far in advance to plan, and how much research is required before making a decision.

Communication and Consult with Staff

Buy-in with staff is critical to a successful transition. Communicate with your staff early on that a change is coming, get their input on options, and keep them updated along the way. Ensure your staff supports the change, and if not, work with them individually or as a group to win them over.

As you move to implementation, continue regular communication. Update on any changes needed along with an explanation. Keeping staff involved in the decision making process and up to speed on implementation will ensure a smoother transition and an all-around happier work environment.

Stay in Contact with Your Provider

Make contact with your provider at all points in your transition. Contact them as part of your research, using their insight to help you make a decision. Your provider is crucial in helping you create and activate your transition plan. If you plan on switching to a new provider, you will still need to stay in contact to ensure data migration and general wrap up of termination activities

Make a Plan

This point cannot be emphasized enough! Once your have synthesized your needs, staff input, provider guidance and any other aspects, sit down with crucial staff members and make a detailed transition plan. This plan should include aspects like:

  • When will the transition start? How long will it last?
  • Who are the point people?
  • How will it happen? All at once, or in segments?
  • How and when will staff training happen? Is client training needed?
  • How and when will new system evaluation take place? How will adjustments be made?

As you answer these questions, start to build a plan. Creating a timeline and steps is a process, so you should bet on having multiple drafts. While creating your transition plan, stay in conversation with your staff and your provider to ensure everyone involved is on the same page.  Also plan to rely on your provider to help manage many of these questions and to help you coordinate the plan.

As you transition, it is important to have a reliable provider and personal contact. Partner XE users have dedicated individualized support to ensure your agency is getting the best product for your needs and that you feel confident in your transition every step along the way. To find out more about the support and services offered, contact us today!

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