In this third post on improving your independent insurance agency’s website, we focus on your site’s content. There is some content that is obvious to include, like your agency’s contact information and a description of your services, but just having the bare minimum won’t make your agency attractive and memorable to potential clients.Actionable Website Design

According to a recent study, 78% of consumers see custom content as a sign that an organization wants to build a good relationship with them. By giving your clients the content they want, you will also attract other agencies and industry leaders, thus increasing your site’s reach.
The first step is to know who you’re reaching. Ask questions like:

  • Where do my clients and potential clients live? How old are they?
  • Do they spend more time on their phone or their computer?
  • What challenges do they face?
  • What information can my agency share to help them?

Once you’ve honed in on who your audience is, start thinking about what they need. Here are a few popular content items that you should consider adding to your website:

  • FAQ section
  • Online quoting
  • Online claim filing
  • Links to online raters
  • Online change requests
  • Printable certificates of insurance

With all of these content items, be sure to include a strong call to action. This is typically placed at the end of a page and in the last step of any online process, telling the user what to do next. To help generate leads, you can include a “contact an agent” or “share this quote” – anything you can do to try and capture user information.

In addition to the resources mentioned above, it is a good idea to reach out to your target audience in a purely educational format, providing valuable content by way of a blog. You can easily generate blog content by:

  • Jotting down notes as clients ask questions or have concerns and address those questions: you will soon find you have a steady stream of inspiration
  • Making your blog personable: Highlight staff members, clients and local events
  • Sharing industry tips and tricks that can be picked up and shared by other sites: this increases your reach, and your links, boosting your online reputation

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