Happy Holidays!As the holiday season is in full swing, your agency may begin to feel the holiday pressure. On top of your normal agency processes, you now have holiday party planning, policy renewals, and other end of year deadlines. It can be a bit overwhelming at times, but with a hard working staff and sense of comradery you will make it through! Not to mention a great agency management system to keep you organized and on-task. Our Partner XE management system will provide you that sense of ordered efficiency and, along with this holiday inspired poem, will help motivate and bring you a bit of holiday joy this season!

‘Twas the holiday season
And in agencies ‘round,
There was hustle and bustle
To get it all down.Contingencies loomed
And books needed closed.
Contracts were up.
My how the time goes!

And amongst payroll planning
Was a party or two,
And gifts to be purchased
But, what to get who?

Not to mention year’s end
With renewals to be done.
The deadlines loom closer
Hold off, Jan. one!

There’s tax prep! And bonuses!
And who to work when?
Not to mention those apps
For our ACA friends.

So much will happen
At this holiday time
But when all is done
Grab a good glass of wine

And gather round staff
To relax and distress
So happy holidays to you
From us at SIS!

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