Community matters. It can push us, shape us, affirm beliefs, and challenge them to make us better. That’s why we at SIS shaped our Partner Platform agency management tool around community. Whether it’s our community of Partner agencies or our partnership with local insurance groups, we believe in being a part of community whenever possible.

From the beginning, we’ve joined, created, and fostered community in several areas. We’re proud members of state associations, regional clusters, agency partnerships, key industry groups, and of course, the Partner Community. Though the benefits of community are countless, some of the positive aspects include:

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Gaining Insight into the Industry

As members of a community, the easy contributions are membership funds to aid organizations lobbying at state and national levels to ensure independent agents have a legislative voice. Though these monetary contributions are important, what’s most rewarding is our active participation, listening to constituents on the dynamics in their market and providing solutions or valuable insights into key issues like:

  • Improving lead generation and sales effectiveness
  • Understanding how automation can better serve the agency
  • Using data to better manage and grow your business
  • Hiring and retaining talented employees
  • Agency perpetuation

By actively participating in local communities, we are exposed to the nuances in the microcosm of the industry. When new legislation is going into effect, community lets us know the priorities of what should be communicated to our clients. After introducing a new Partner Platform feature, community helps us gauge functionality and make improvements. And, above all, community helps us see the industry from all its angles, many of which we could never see on our own.

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Fostering and Forming Relationships

Another key aspect of community are the relationships it builds and new ones it can create. Our Partner Community agencies are a constant source of referral, sharing their Partner Platform experiences with friends and colleagues. Our participation in industry groups like IIABA (Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America) mean forming connections with niche experts in areas like security, marketing, and client service technology. Each new introduction brings us closer to perfecting our products and services.

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Collaborating to Improve

Finally, community means constant collaboration and improvement. At regional group events, we always learn something new from the expert speakers and attendees. And, in our Regional Learnings, we hear from our individual users about issues they encounter and their ideas on how to solve them. Thanks to those in-person learning opportunities, we’re confident our Partner Platform agency management tool is providing the most efficient, cost-effective experience to our Partner agencies.

Partner is who we are and Community is how we work. Find out what our Partner agencies have to say about their community experience and see how Partner Platform can unlock efficiency in your agency: get in touch with us at [email protected] or 800.747.7005, Option 6.

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