The team at Strategic Insurance Software (SIS) is excited to announce the update of the latest round of Partner XE enhancements in the Partner XE 2017 Fall Update. This update includes additional lines support, expanded download capabilities, enhanced client and account management, and upgraded reporting and analysis features.

Each update and enhancement comes directly from Partner XE users. “We continue to enhance and expand Partner XE’s capabilities to meet the growing and changing needs of users,” SIS CEO Alex Deak said of the update. “This latest update contains over 50 enhancements to workflows and features requested by our clients as well as support for more commercial lines of business. It also includes support for the Partner XE Proposal Creator and Client Access Portal, which make Partner XE more valuable to agency users and clients.”

The update adds full support for Garage and Dealers Line of Business as part of SIS’s ongoing commitment to enhancing agency commercial lines capabilities. There are also enhancements to reporting, including new filter screens and options. Existing reports have been updated and new reports added in an effort to prioritize business analytics, helping agencies understand and improve their customer service and retention.

Alison Van Wyk of Partner XE agency Van Wyk Risk Solutions praised SIS’s continual drive to improve. “We’re always impressed with each new Partner XE update, and this upcoming one is no exception. SIS recognizes there is always room to grow, and they really take agencies’ needs to heart when crafting enhancements. In this update, we’re most excited about the new reporting options and features. This will allow us to better analyze our agency data, leading to improved operations and service.”

Highlights of the coming update include:

  • Claims Download and updates to Claims Management Screens
  • Improvements to Certificate Management
  • Ability to cross reference client profiles
  • Document category sorting
  • Updates to exit steps
  • ACORD form generation from QuickMenu
  • Addition of policy history description field

SIS Director of Product Management Bryce Lee called the Partner XE 2017 Fall Update the “most exciting update to date,” adding, “We have enhanced several areas of the system to improve user experience, cut out steps to make our clients more productive and added some exciting new reporting capabilities. We are also releasing several brand-new features, like claims download, which will make a huge difference for our agency’s day-to-day operations. Thanks to our Partner XE User Community Board and endless brainstorming meetings with agencies across the U.S. we’ve put together another powerful update.”

Partner XE agencies will receive the update in mid-October on a rolling basis. The SIS team will host webinars outlining each update capability, and always-accessible Quick Guides will provide users with step-by-step instructions on how to best utilize each capability. To find out more about the update, Partner XE users can visit https://partnerxe.net/partner-xe-2017-update.

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