Partnering RightPartnership and collaboration are important factors for success in any business, and your independent insurance agency is no exception. This is especially true with commercial lines downloads (CLDL). If you are not in communication with your partners around CLDL, you risk poor implementation, leading to frustration and errors.

To avoid such issues, reach out to your partners and ensure they will support you in CLDL implementation and use. Important partnerships to note include your carriers and agency management system provider. For each partnership, you should address questions such as:

  • What does the carrier/provider know about commercial lines download?
  • What do they see as their role in CLDL?
  • How will downloads be sent?
  • How will reports be created (on paper, electronically) and what will they look like?
  • Who are the appropriate contact person(s) for each partner regarding CLDL assistance?
  • Does the carrier/provider have guidelines in place for CLDL?
  • How will errors be reported?
  • How will errors be resolved?
  • How will policy synchronization be addressed?

It is important that your carriers and agency management system provider support commercial lines download and understand the processes of implementation well. A great resource for you and your agency partners is the ACORD Agency-Start Up Guide for CLDL. By ensuring you and your partners are on the same page, your agency will experience the benefits of CLDL implementation.

As an ACORD partner, we at SIS fully support commercial lines downloads and ensure our clients have the tools they need for successful CLDL implementation within our Partner XE agency management system. We know the importance of clear, consistent communication with your agency management system provider and are always available to our clients at 800.747.7005 or sales@sisware.com.

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