As we head into summer, the Partner XE team is back in our Columbus headquarters wrapping up a nine-state Regional Learnings tour over the past few months. We’re grateful for the turnout and collaboration with the Partner XE User Community in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, and Ohio and look forward to visiting even more regions in the Fall.

Jake leading a training

Client Services Manager Jake Thaxton leads the group at our Regional Learning Event in Davenport, IA

In these past five months, we focused on learning more about what the Partner XE User Community needs and ensuring agencies are getting the most from their investment. Each meeting was informative and unique in its own way. As the number of agencies using Partner XE continues to grow, we have an even wider array of experience. Agencies range from not-yet-live to over ten years with the system. It was great to see veteran users teaching new users, all the while learning a thing or two from the newcomers. And, each meeting helped build a regional community to connect with the national Partner XE User Community network.

Jake preparing for another successful Regional Learning Event in St. Louis, MO

Jake preparing for another successful Regional Learning Event in St. Louis, MO

Though most of this year’s Regional Learnings were return visits, our stops in Cleveland and Philadelphia were new for the Partner XE User Community.  Multi-year visits to locations reinforces relationships within the local Partner XE User Community, building trust and comfort. This leads to meaningful conversations and certain amount of levity in each visit.

As SIS President, I appreciate hearing affirmations of improvements we’re making to the Partner XE system and the supportive words about the SIS service team.  We’re committed to serving the independent agent market with the most affordable, high-quality agency management software experience. We’re working to make it comprehensive, yet easy to use, and focus on supporting each agency with a talented team of professionals they can count on.

Thank you, Partner XE User Community, for your support and desire to collaborate and improve together.  We look forward to the second half of the year, with over ten Regional Learning events planned, and encourage you to save the date for our Partner XE User Community National Conference, May 9th-10th, 2019.

group shot during a training

The Partner XE User Community in Iowa and Illinois were a great group and it was wonderful to meet many new agents!

I look forward to seeing more of you in the coming year. Our door is always open!

Yours in success,

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