Up to 86% of surveyed insurance agents agreed: digital technology and up-to-date insurance software are critical to agency growth. At the same time, nine out of ten said “legacy software and infrastructure” were holding them back.

Where does your agency fall in the digital divide?

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by how to bridge the gap between antiquated systems and emerging tech, take a deep breath and read on. Focus first on the “must-haves”: the software you need to keep up with ever-changing customer expectations.

We’ve compiled a list below of these must-haves, along with our recent posts outlining the what, why, and how of each.

Must-Have Insurance Software for the Digital Age

Find the Software and Support You Need with Partner Platform and SIS

Even this pared-down list of insurance tech may seem like a lot, but our clients know it can all be found in one place: the innovative Partner Platform agency management tool.

And, we do more than craft agency-driven tools; we’re also known for our personalized support, getting agencies up to speed fast and being available 24/7 along the way to walk them through updates and enhancements. Find out more about SIS, our Partner Platform community, and our state-of-the-art Partner Platform system: get in touch at 800.747.7005, Option 6, or sales@sisware.com.

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