Manage Large and Complex Commercial Accounts

Less clicks, more information at your fingertips, easier to respond quickly to your clients with accurate information – those are some of the ways independent insurance leaders describe the value of Partner Platform’s ability to effectively manage complex commercial clients.  Partner Platform agency management system and CRM is built to ensure your agency has the tools to deliver a better client experience to your largest, most sophisticated clients so you can retain the business you’ve worked hard to win and enable your agency to earn new business with the best businesses in your community. 

  • ✔ Manage large schedules of Equipment
  • ✔ Import/export Drivers, Vehicles & Locations
  • ✔ Print lists of locations, vehicles & drivers
  • ✔ Manage large commercial applications – navigate directly to the subset of forms that make up the application
  • ✔ All ACORD applications are updated regularly and flood with policy information
  • ✔ Custom and Niche policy management
  • ✔ Lock certain data fields to protect from policy download overwrite
  • ✔ Customize data fields to help with tracking and reporting
  • ✔ Commercial Lines Download
  • ✔ Proposal Creator to create professional documents
  • ✔ Flood Submission and Policy information to pre-built and/or custom templates

Large, Complex Commercial

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