Partner is who we are, Community is how we work


Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, Strategic Insurance Software is the team behind the Partner Platform, the innovative web-based agency management system for indepedent insurance agencies.

Partner is more than a brand name, it is our “why” and “how” of serving independent insurance agency clients. Independent agents working with SIS experience the expertise, follow-through, and safety of a company determined to help agents improve their business.

The Partner Platform is built on a foundation of strong, secure technology and is continuously improving through ongoing collaboration and communication with our customer agencies which are part of the Partner User Community.

The Partner User Community is part of the larger SIS Partner Community which includes:

  • Insurance carriers
  • Industry associations & organizations
  • Organizations of service to client agencies

The Partner Community seeks to bring the right people, partners, and resources together to collaborate and achieve our common goals. At the center of it all is our relationship with you and your agency.

Celebrating 10 years together as NuGrowth and SIS

Recent Articles

Underwriting Automation: How to Implement this Insurtech System

Automation plays a significant role in many industries, and insurance is no exception. The rapid innovations of insurtech have thrust data and automation into the forefront of ways to improve and enhance agency operations.

One of the most prominent data automation uses is in the underwriting process. Due to digitized automation processes, agencies are seeing loss ratios decrease and overall premiums increase. According to Willis Towers Watson, over 60% of agencies surveyed say the predictive analytics of automated underwriting have reduced issues and brought down expenses.

Underwriting automation has great value, but the wealth of data and required processing power can be daunting for the average agency. Yet, if your agency can put in place the right processes and people to gain and manage underwriting data, you can see a big change.

What You Need to Know About Insurance Agency Marketing

A lot has changed over the past few years due to the unexpected disruptions of the COVID-19 pandemic. All industries felt the impact, and the insurance industry is no exception. One of the most notable disruptions is the speed at which changes took place, especially around customer expectations and marketing.

What Your Agency Needs to Know About Insurance Marketing

Changes in insurance agency marketing that were projected to solidify in 5 to 10 years ended up evolving rapidly in just two. Chances are you’ve already made some of these adjustments to keep up with immediate demand, but there are other more “behind the scenes” adjustments agencies are making that you should note

You May Not Know the Next Market Disruptor, But You Can Be Prepared with the Right Insurance Software

The COVID-19 outbreak in 2020 left a lasting impact on the world, including how we do business. Quarantine and frequent lockdowns forced us to stay home, and the changes in customer expectations, work environments, and operations remain today.

Insurance agencies that weathered these changes have a few things in common. For one, they had the right insurance software to make the quick transition to remote work and service. Secondly, they have an enduring attitude of being open to change and a readiness to adapt. While we cannot predict what will disrupt the market next, we can use these markers to prepare with the right mindset, tools, and systems for the next unexpected interruption.

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