“It’s also remarkable how quickly we can get new staff trained in using Partner Platform. With our previous provider, there wasn’t any real training. With Partner Platform, you can get individual training for your staff, as well as simple, short and easy to understand webinars. The learning curve for our new staff is significantly faster than with previous providers.” 

Phil Richard, Owner, Phil Richard Insurance

group shot during a training

Having helped hundreds of independent insurance agencies and thousands of individuals switch to the Partner Platform agency management system, SIS has developed effective training programs that enable successful change while building in flexibility to adapt to the unique needs of each independent insurance agency.  Our programs provide a blend of SIS training professionals and content that is easily understood and effectively delivered through multiple channels including online video, on-site, phone and workshops. 

In addition to a great training program and resources, the simplicity and intuitive design of the Partner Platform enable new staff as well as the most seasoned staff member at your agency to learn the program quickly.  The ease of use for the Partner Platform helps address the time constraints in most agencies so that the learning curve is compressed and the ability to return to servicing clients and pursuing new business is accelerated.

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