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Partner XE User CommunityThe best ideas come from those who use the agency management system each day. Collaboration and communication play a significant role in advancing the Partner Platform agency management system in a way that aligns with how independent insurance agencies manage and grow their business. One of the ways in which this is accomplished is through the Partner User Community.

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Partner User Community includes every independent insurance agency using the Partner Platform agency management system and includes a volunteer board of Partner Platform users. Its primary functions are to educate the independent insurance agencies using the Partner  Platform on how to get the most out of their agency management system, to provide SIS with input and feedback that can be used for product and service enhancements, and to advocate for advances in technology and standards through groups like ACT (Agents Council for Technology) and AUGIE (ACORD User Groups Information Exchange).

All members are encouraged to get involved in the current and future direction of the Partner Platform agency management system through

  • Forums,
  • Surveys,
  • Workgroups,
  • National and regional user conferences,
  • And more.
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Recent Articles

Our Digital Insurance Tech Partnerships

Innovation is key to longevity in any industry, and the insurance industry is no different. Insurance revolves around people and relationships, making it an inherently dynamic field.

Digital insurance demands seem to change by the day to keep up with evolving customer and agency needs. That’s why we at Partner Platform partner with various tech partners to stay up to date with changing conditions. We as an organization can only be experts in so many areas, so we recognize the need to partner with outside specialists to fill our gaps.

We work with industry groups and tech companies to cover areas like digital document processing and cyber security, among others. Below are a few of our recent posts highlighting these valuable tech partnerships.

Insurance Tech: Easing Change Resistance in Your Agency

Insurance tech advancements are making everyday processes faster and more efficient, and customers are demanding more digital interactions than ever before. Despite the benefits and increasing customer demand for insurance tech, your team may be hesitant to adopt new technology.

This hesitancy is understandable. Change is difficult, and introducing a new process or system to an individual’s workflow can be frustrating. But, the benefits of integrating insurance tech into your agency far outweigh the challenges of overcoming change.

Here are a few ways we’ve seen agencies work to be more receptive to new technology and system updates.

The Workforce and Your Insurance Agency Management: How to Recruit for the Future

The insurance industry – like others today – is understaffed. In late 2021, an insurance labor market study showed that 53% of agencies planned to “aggressively hire” within 12 months to fill vacancies. The same study also showed that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to fill open positions. As an owner, your insurance agency management relies on knowledgeable staff, but it can be challenging to fill positions in today’s market.

With hiring season just around the corner, your agency needs to focus on how to recruit new talent for your team. Past tactics may no longer work on a younger, more tech-driven workforce. It’s time to expand your outreach, position insurance differently, and look for diverse qualities to keep your agency growing.

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