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How much does it cost?

The Partner Platform is a highly affordable and feature rich system. Pricing variables include number of users, number of locations, and certain capabilities. The best way to obtain a specific estimate is to speak directly with a member of the sales team. They can be reached at (800) 747-9273.

What is the advantage of a web-based system over a server based system?

There are a number of advantages to using a web-based system over a server-based system. The most important one, really, depends on you. Some of our agency partners tell us the best thing about having their data in the cloud is that they never have to remember to do a backup. Others tell us it is the fact that they can access their system anywhere they have an Internet connection… still others the fact that they can run multiple offices off of the same system… For a full list of benefits, click here for our Software as a Service whitepaper.

How secure is my data when it is housed in the cloud?

We put data security high on our list of priorities. We have partnered with a world class data center provider Amazon Web Services, who shares the same commitment to client security. Along with the physical security of the data center and the state of the art technology protecting your data, SIS has implemented industry standard best practices to further detect and prevent unauthorized access.

What Lines of Business Does the Partner Platform support?

The Partner Platform will help you manage both your personal and commercial lines of business.

Do you support Real Time and downloads?
Yes, Partner XE offers both Real Time and downloads. Downloads include hundreds of carriers for personal, commercial, and direct bill commissions.
Is the Partner Platform available on my iPhone, iPad or smart phone?

Yes, the Partner Platform is available on Android smartphones or tablets as well as iPhones and iPads.

Will I be able to manage my accounting right through the system?

Yes, the Partner Platform has an integrated accounting module that allows you to do all of your accounting right in your agency management system. It is designed to be easy yet comprehensive to effectively manage you agency. Agencies have told us this feature alone has them saved hours of paperwork.

Can you move my data from my current system to the Partner Platform?

Yes, our experienced implementation team has completed hundreds of data conversions from over 20 different agency management systems onto the Partner Platform. SIS has transformed the entire transition process by focusing on the client experience of converting data combined with effective training to reduce the learning curve and get you back to supporting your clients. A dedicated implementation specialist will help steer you through the entire process. You’ll receive a project plan with timeline, which will thoroughly communicate the data conversion process then work with you to help you communicate with your carriers, dot the i’s, cross the t’s and do everything possible to ensure the conversion runs smoothly.

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