Thank you for your interest in learning more about the Partner Platform, a complete leading web-based agency management system for agencies maximizing growth and retention. The videos below will provide you with a great overview of the Partner Platform and how it’s helping agencies like yours. Take a look and let’s start a conversation to learn more about your agency and what is important to you.

The Partner Platform includes:

A complete agency management system including integrated insurance accounting and complex commercial management capabilities.

Integrated sales and marketing automation capabilities for agencies looking to maximize producer effectiveness and more easily automate communication with clients.

A personalized digital experience for your clients through an agency branded mobile app, portal and website.

Real-time business intelligence that is easy to use and provides insights key metrics that impact overall agency performance.

Simplify and automate your workflows around commercial rating, supplemental forms submissions, online reputation management, and additional Partner Allies technology integrations.

Partner is innovative, responsive, and the team is energetic and committed to making the product better. Our voice is finally being heard and our agency is valued. Looking back we should have made the switch sooner!”

Pam Thompson
Chief Operating Officer
Turbeville Insurance Agency