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To accept the status quo is to get left behind. SIS understands.  We know that no matter how good Partner XE is today, we always need to be looking towards tomorrow to keep up with the ever-changing nature of the agencies we serve.

One of the ways we do this is by soliciting input from our active Partner XE User Community, another is by partnering with service providers that help us innovate and improve the customer experience, still another is by becoming actively involved with a number of industry partners.

SIS is an active member of ACT and AUGIE and many other efforts that bring agents, vendors and carriers together to promote standards and the betterment of the industry.

Some of the organizations we are affiliated with include

Recent Articles

The Workforce and Your Insurance Agency Management: How to Recruit for the Future

The insurance industry – like others today – is understaffed. In late 2021, an insurance labor market study showed that 53% of agencies planned to “aggressively hire” within 12 months to fill vacancies. The same study also showed that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to fill open positions. As an owner, your insurance agency management relies on knowledgeable staff, but it can be challenging to fill positions in today’s market.

With hiring season just around the corner, your agency needs to focus on how to recruit new talent for your team. Past tactics may no longer work on a younger, more tech-driven workforce. It’s time to expand your outreach, position insurance differently, and look for diverse qualities to keep your agency growing.

Finding the Right Agency Management System: the Quality Insurance Service Client Story

Mike Maranda has been in the insurance business for over 40 years. He’s guided his agency through many seasons, but his recent journey to find the right agency management system for his team was one of the most painful.

After many years with a system they loved, Quality Insurance Service was forced to make a change when one of the big-name providers acquired their original system. Mike and his business partner decided to pick one of the big-name systems to avoid needing to make a change again anytime soon.

Yet, after selecting one of the dominant providers, they were frustrated to move through a cumbersome system with unresponsive service. After four years, they’d had enough and started searching for a new system, eventually joining the Partner Platform community.

The Top Insurance Agency Management Tips to Set Your Independent Agency Apart

As the insurance industry grows more competitive, the particulars of your specific insurance agency management will make your business stand out. Those particulars could be location proximity, ease of doing business, or even something as simple as how your website looks. Though price still matters, changes in cost can only go so far.

The true test of what makes your agency the best choice is the overall customer experience. Seemingly small touches that make each interaction easier, more personable, and leave each customer with a positive feeling have a real impact. Today it’s about more than the best price and the latest tech; it’s how you use these tools to empower, differentiate, and create the best experience in your agency.

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