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To accept the status quo is to get left behind. SIS understands.  We know that no matter how good Partner XE is today, we always need to be looking towards tomorrow to keep up with the ever-changing nature of the agencies we serve.

One of the ways we do this is by soliciting input from our active Partner XE User Community, another is by partnering with service providers that help us innovate and improve the customer experience, still another is by becoming actively involved with a number of industry partners.

SIS is an active member of ACT and AUGIE and many other efforts that bring agents, vendors and carriers together to promote standards and the betterment of the industry.

Some of the organizations we are affiliated with include

Recent Articles

Beyond Insurance Software: Why Your Agency Management Team Matters

Your agency management system is among the most critical pieces of technology you use for your insurance software. Every day you rely on your agency management system to create certificates, write new business, and process claims, among other essential functions.

With such a valuable piece of technology, you want more than just a vendor or provider for your agency management system. You need a partner – a partner who focuses on long-term, mutual success. That’s what we are for our Partner Platform agencies – someone in the trenches with them and working for them to make their business run smoother.

The Story Behind Our Insurance Agency Software: Agency Management Resource Group

We continue to explore the story behind our insurance agency software partners. In this post, we talked with independent insurance veteran Cheryl Koch. Cheryl founded Agency Management Resource Group to help independent agencies “achieve their goals and dreams.” With that motivation in common, we work with Cheryl and her team to educate and equip agencies for success.

When she was introduced to the Partner Platform team, Cheryl Koch saw an opportunity. Equipped with a wealth of training content for independent agencies, she knew she had just what so many Partner Platform agencies needed: personalized education. After holding our first “Ultimate Producer School” with Cheryl and her team, it was clear her expertise was the perfect fit.

I spoke with Cheryl to hear about her wealth of experience in the industry and how she connected with the Partner Platform community.

These Blogs Will Improve Your Insurance Marketing Strategies

We’re almost halfway through the year, and a lot has changed since January. At this mid-year mark, we took a look back at some of our most popular posts and put together a list of the essentials. These posts can help hone your insurance marketing strategies for the remainder of the year and beyond.

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