Producer Results Manager

  • The Integrated CRM
  • Better track prospects and submissions

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Marketing Automation Manager

  • Send mass emails, mass texts
  • Schedule automatic drip campaigns

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Text Messaging

  • Text with clients through the Partner Platform!

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Partner XL – Sales and Marketing

Purpose-built sales and marketing tools which help you grow your business and retain clients

Partner XL’s easy to use sales and marketing tools work within your agency management system to give you the capabilities you need without having to turn to yet another system.


  • Integrated insurance CRM
  • Sales Dashboards
  • Pipeline Management
  • Prospect and Submission Tracking

Marketing Automation

  • Schedule Automatic Drip Campaigns
  • Market to New Prospects
  • Cross-sell within existing client base
  • Template library of campaigns available

Text Messaging

  • Text with customers from within system
  • Automatically attach images & conversations
  • Eliminate the inefficiency of using your personal phone and cumbersome workarounds


  • Generate professional proposals in minutes, not hours
  • Branded for your agency
  • Policy and Submission info is flooded from Partner to pre-designed templates

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