“There’s always a fear of the unknown, but we are extremely happy with SIS and Partner XE. They’ve kept their word and helped us run better as an agency.” 

Jim Waun, Vice President, Sweet & Associates


With hundreds of conversions from more than 20 different agency management systems under our belt, SIS has designed the Partner Platform’s StartRight implementation process to make your transition simple, flexible and low stress. Our commitment to your success begins the minute you come on board.



The Partner Platform team will work with your agency to prepare you for the transition from your old agency management system.  The introductory kick off meeting is designed to help you gain comfort and trust with the team that will be supporting you throughout the change.  You’ll be made aware of key milestones, what to expect and when and how we’ll support your agency.


Our implementation and training team will set up your personalized online learning program for your agency. You will get an introduction to the agency management system, as well as all of our support resources through this comprehensive process. In addition, if you have chosen to have an onsite training, we will work with you to create a plan uniquely suited to your agency.


The team of data experts will convert your data into the Partner Platform.  Your data will be provided in the form of a backup from your current provider.  Your agency and staff will also get support to ensure your carrier downloads are available and arriving in the right places.


The Partner Platform team will provide you with support on your “Start Date”  (go live day) to enable your team to get questions answered and gain comfort working in the Partner Platform. In addition, the client services team will also be a resource to so that you and your staff can shift back from learning to servicing your clients.

Recent Articles

The Niche Market as the Future of Independent Insurance Agency Marketing

Your insurance agency marketing goal is to stand out among the noise. Identifying and investing in serving a niche market is one of the most efficient and effective ways to achieve this challenging goal.

When you serve a niche market, you have less competition, making it easier to gain new customers in a specific arena. Your agency is set apart as providing “X” type of insurance, making you distinctive. PIA National’s 2022 Independent Agent Survey found that respondents devoted more than 20% of their book of business to a niche market. You, too, can capitalize on this valuable strategy.

Planning for the Next Stage in Insurance Agency Management: Perpetuation

Over the past few years, there has been a surge in insurance agency management transitions. Mergers and acquisitions specifically are on the rise, with an estimated 550 deals, up 12% from the previous year, in the first quarter of 2021. While these transitions can be profitable for owners, they can come with significant trepidation and worry from employees and customers.

As an owner, you need to start thinking ahead about how to prepare your agency for its eventual ownership transition. Whether you plan to perpetuate internally or externally, it’s essential that you prepare. That preparation includes setting your agency up for its highest valuation, prepping your team, and investing in tools and processes to bring your agency into the future.

The Power of Relationship and Innovation in Insurance Tech

Good partners and partnerships are critical to success in any business, but it’s crucial in technology where the pace of change and breadth of innovation is high. Insurance tech is growing fast, and it’s critical to look to progressive partners to keep up with the pace.

Why Partnerships Matter
Innovations happen everywhere, every day. Things like electric cars, an increase in IoT, the interconnectedness of tech systems in healthcare and our own homes, and other innovations significantly impact our industry. These tech advances inform how insurers can gain data to inform policies and process claims.

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