5 Habits to Unleash the Power of Your Agency Management System Database

How a clean database and insurance CRM are all you need for sustained growth

The insurance industry is becoming increasingly competitive, and independent agencies are feeling the pressure to gain and retain business. Data and technology are the tools agencies need to stand out. With a quality management system database and insurance CRM, you can identify and target quality leads, serving your community for years to come.  

The Data Problems Agencies Face

  • Relying on old management system data, chasing dead-end leads, and wasting time and money
    • More than 90% of data is predicted to be incomplete, old, or duplicated each year1
  • Chasing leads that don’t fit the agency’s ideal customer, losing out on valuable retention and referrals
    • 68% of new customers come from current customer referrals2
  • Replying to customer and prospect needs too slowly
    • One survey found almost 50% of customers expected a response within four hours or less3
  • Missing opportunities to provide personalized service and outreach
    • 88% of insurance customers say they want more personalization from their agency4

The Five Habits Your Agency Needs

  1. AUDIT your data regularly, updating old information and removing duplicates
  2. SET UP SYSTEMS for data entry, including defining which fields to use and who manages data entry
  3. HONE REPORTING to make it easier to see patterns in customer behavior
  4. DEFINE YOUR IDEAL CUSTOMER based on your reporting and target outreach to your ideal group
  5. INTEGRATE SYSTEMS to decrease data duplication, improve data quantity, and automate data entry and reporting

Start putting these habits into practice with a modern, integrated agency management system and insurance CRM with robust reporting features: the Partner Platform Agency Management System Suite. Let one system and dedicated team bring your agency from catching up to getting ahead.

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4 https://insuranceblog.accenture.com/customers-experience-demands-illustrate-the-importance-of-insurers-going-digital-now

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