Cracking the Productivity Code Hero

When email became standard in the workforce in the early 1990s, inboxes received a modest amount of traffic. That is rarely the case anymore. With literally hundreds of emails coming in each day, email is now wasting our time and draining productivity. But, all is not lost! Just by integrating some simple habits, you can keep your inbox clean and your staff on task. In this eGuide we’ll look at how you can bring email back to its efficient and effective roots. We’ll explore daily habits to increase your productivity, how to protect your inbox from unwanted messages and how you can use Outlook to speed up your agency’s processes, to bring your independent insurance agency to a new level of getting it done.

What You’ll Learn

  • Practices to Get Your Time Back: The Facts and How to Beat Them
  • Ways to Keep Your Inbox Safe
  • Habits to Increase Email Productivity
  • Means for Increased Productivity in Outlook

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