Marketing Limited Budget 2016

Did you know that your target customers must hear your marketing message at least seven times to influence a buying decision? The best marketing programs provide high volume exposure and repeat touches in the market. This poses slight problem for the big insurance giants who appear to have unlimited funds. For the independent insurance agent, however, it requires careful planning and creative thinking. Unfortunately, many independent agencies, strapped for time and resources, focus on having prime office space, state–of–the–art computer equipment, and expensive office furnishings, but neglect to allocate the funds necessary to market their agency. In fact, when push comes to shove, the marketing budget is often the one that gets cut. It is important to note, however, that you don’t need to break the bank in order to effectively market your agency. The fundamental secret to creating a high–impact marketing plan on a limited budget is to optimize what you have and focus on capturing the customers that will provide a return on your investment.

This eGuide will focus on five key ways independent insurance agents can generate positive exposure for their agency, gain a stronger digital presence and leverage the tools already at their disposal.

What’s Inside

  • Intro
  • Chapter 1: Get People Talking
  • Chapter 2: Make the Most of Social Media
  • Chapter 3: Jump on the “Local Search” Bandwagon
  • Chapter 4: Put Your Website to Work for You
  • Chapter 5: Mine Your Agency Management System

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