How to Choose and Agency Management System

The decision to automate your agency or to change your current Agency Management System is a challenging endeavor—figuring out which one to choose, even more so.

Depending on which system you choose, your agency management system will have the functionality to be so much more than a simple database program that houses the names and contact information of your clients. It will empower you to make critical business decisions by providing visibility into all facets of your agency. It will also enhance customer service, streamline workflow and increase employee productivity in addition to providing E&O protection and much more.

There are currently more than 70 Agency Management Systems on the market, all with varying levels of functionality, support and pricing, and even in a best case scenario converting from one system to another is an investment in the future that takes time and resources.

For these reasons and more, taking the time up front to determine which system and vendor makes the most sense for your agency is very important.

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