How to Make Your Independent Agency Website A Great Sales and Service Resource Hero

A website is a beautiful thing. It is the storefront to your online clients and prospects, and it can do a lot for your independent insurance agency. Through your website, you can easily connect with clients to answer questions and concerns, bolstering your customer service. You can also provide easy online tools, like change requests, claim filing and printable certificates of insurance, to make it easier for you and your clients to get work done. Besides serving as a great service resource for clients, your website is also an effective sales tool. Your agency’s website can be used to capture new leads through online quote requests, and effectively communicate your agency’s commitment to serving your clients’ needs through blog posts and testimonials.

What’s Inside

  • What Your Website Can Do
  • Make It Attractive
  • Make It Findable
  • Make It Actionable
  • Make it Educational
  • Know How You’re Doing

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