Making the XP Switch Guide

Windows, one of the most popular operating systems, has announced it will be phasing out support on its XP system, with no support offered after April 8th, 2014. If you’re not using XP, this news may not mean much to you and your agency—but if you’re still using XP as your main operating system or still have some old computers running XP then it’s time to sit up and listen. This end in support means an end to using XP, and the beginning of your operating system upgrade. Switching to a new operating system is normal: new systems are introduced frequently as technology improves. You aren’t the first agency to make this switch and you won’t be the last. Although it may take a little work on the front end, switching over from XP now will all pay off by making your agency run smoother. This eGuide—which hits the “whats,” “whys” and “hows” of an operating system upgrade—is designed to help you through the transition.

What’s Inside

  • Introduction
  • What Does It All Mean?
  • Why It Matters to Your Agency
  • How to Make the Switch
  • Which System to Choose
  • Making the Switch

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