Not all conversions are created equal.

“Auto Insurance is auto insurance—as long as you have it you’ll be OK.”

You’re not foolish enough to believe that—so why would you assume all conversions are alike?

Whatever your past experience was— that will not happen converting to Partner.

Many agencies have scars from previous conversion experiences, which may cause hesitancy or reservations about what will happen and how your agency will get through it. That’s normal.

At Partner we have helped 1,000+ agencies make the transition safely. You won’t walk through this alone. You’ll work with an experienced team that provides hands-on training and support to ensure a safe transition and that your staff is productive quickly.

A proper conversion involves several moving parts, so you should know what it involves—what is required of your team, and what we will do to ensure your success.

Let’s take this journey together.

Knowledge is Power

Other agency management systems talk a big game about conversion but few back it up with clear details about what is involved and how it compares to your other options.

You should know that a conversion is NOT:

  • Your team having to map data fields into the new system— We’ve already done this for every major AMS in the market.
  • Just an initial load, CSV file, or “snapshot” list of your current clients—If you’re asked to pay for someone to do this that’s a bad sign. We’d do this for you for free.
  • You having to keep your old system up for reference—That’s not a conversion . . . It just isn’t.
The Partner StartRight conversion experience makes it possible:
  • Over 1,000 successful transitions from every major system
  • A dedicated team with a proven track record
  • Accounting set-up by CPA-accredited third-party firm
  • From Initial preparation to your Go Live Start Date, your dedicated team will be side by side with you.

Prepare – Partner Set–up & Training Plan

Learn – Agency completes online and in-person training

Convert – Current system data is converted to Partner

Support – Dedicated start date support for agency success

What we do

Plan with you for the appropriate Go Live Date. We have already mapped conversions from:

  • Epic, TAM, AMS 360, HawkSoft, EZLynx, and more
  • You don’t have to do the

We will receive your data and package it so that it comes into the system properly. We promise to complete this within 5 business days of your back-up.

  • Check the details of what data is converted in your conversion documentation.

We provide online training so you can learn the system well in advance of your Go Live date.

  • Partner is easy to use, but this helps your team learn it more quickly so they can be productive from day one.

We will come train you in person immediately following your Go Live date.

  • You will receive more valuable learning because we schedule our training a few days after your Go Live.—You’ll find your questions more meaningful and your training more “sticky” for this reason.
What you need to do
  • Know when your contract ends—schedule an appropriate Go Live Date with the Partner team.
  • Order your backup at the appropriate time— timing varies by system. We’ll tell you when you need to ask for it.
  • Encourage your team (and if needed challenge them)—change can be hard. The difficulty of a successful conversion is not the data. It’s adapting to change. Your leadership makes the difference!
  • Do your Training—Learn how the new system will work so that you don’t lose any time and hit the ground running on day one.

Come to us with questions— we are here to help. WE ARE PARTNER.



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