An End of Year Message from Strategic Insurance Software CEO Alex Deak

An End of Year Message from Strategic Insurance Software CEO Alex Deak

The year 2020 was one like no other: it provided individuals and businesses worldwide with some interesting and rarely seen challenges. Innovation, flexibility, and adaptation were required in increasing measure to reduce risk and make the most of the opportunities that came our way.

For the Partner Platform team at Strategic Insurance Software, the foundational service principles we practice every day were exercised in new ways and to new heights, helping us turn the many challenges of 2020 into some amazing successes. The growth and achievements of the team are truly remarkable.

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In this unpredictable and challenging year, our team worked with the Partner Platform Community to improve the Partner Platform experience and achieved significant accomplishments including adding and enhancing features such as:

Beyond our product updates, our team also:

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Through it all, we as a team welcomed a dozen new team members, celebrated births and marriages from afar, and supported each other and our Partner Platform agencies through each new test and transition 2020 brought us.

We are thankful for our Partner Platform Community, who expressed encouragement and appreciation as we worked through the challenges of 2020 together. Countless positive emails and conversations on service team experience and product enhancements make us all exceedingly proud of our team’s commitment, effort, and accomplishments in serving the Partner Platform Community.

We look forward to building on these successes and assisting our clients in growing and flourishing in the years ahead.


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Connect with Community and Innovation: The Partner Platform 2020 National Learning Event

Connect with Community and Innovation: The Partner Platform 2020 National Learning Event

Community, learning, and innovation are core principles for the Partner Platform team. 2020 has provided many challenges and opportunities for our team to exhibit these principles. We’ve worked together to face the obstacles of social distancing and system interruptions, and innovated with more virtual learning events, enhanced webinars, and online learning to keep our community connected and educated.

Sunning Your Summer in Security

Sunning Your Summer in Security

Agency and insurance management system data security has always been a top priority for us at SIS. We built our Partner Platform agency management system suite with data safety and cybersecurity in mind, and it continues to be a topic we follow.

This past May, agency data security was one of our key topics at our annual Partner National User Conference, where we heard from industry expert Brad Ruben on how to prevent and prepare for security attacks.

One of the reasons we asked Brad to speak is we know security takes teamwork. Though we are confident we’re providing the most secure system to our partner agencies, they are still at risk if they’re not equipping their staff to watch for cyber-attacks.

This summer, we encourage you to take the time to look at your data security measures and re-commit as a staff to protect your customers. Here’s a little advice to get you started.

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Advice from Experts: Equip and Educate

Archway Computer CEO Brad Ruben’s presentation at our National User Conference had quite an impact on attendees. Multiple agency representatives walked away with practical, actionable advice on how they could better manage and protect their data. Highlights from his presentation included:

  • There is cause for concern. Over 33,000 phishing attacks and 4,000 successful ransomware attacks occur each day.
  • Anti-virus protection is a must. Programs like Webroot and Malware Bytes are essential to keeping you safe.
  • Cloud services are the future of security. Data hosting services like Amazon Web Services have 24/7 data surveillance, redundant backups, and multi-character encryption to keep your data safer than you can on your own.

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The most significant takeaway was the emphasis on educating staff on data security. Some of Brad’s tips included:

  • Delete suspicious emails. Never click on links from unfamiliar senders. Delete emails from unknown sources and report them to your IT team.
  • Password protect sensitive files. When moving files to a USB, sending through email, or saving on a laptop, add password protection to keep them safe.
  • Use complex passwords. Employ number, letter, and punctuation combinations, including using different cases for letters. And be sure to use multiple passwords, so you don’t have just one tied to all accounts.
  • Don’t install programs you don’t know. Even something as harmless looking as a computer game or unknown anti-virus software can be hiding as malicious programs. Ensure staff consult with IT before installing anything.

SIS Partner Platform agencies can access the full presentation on PartnerNet

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Mandates from States: Staying Up to Standards

Though you should be keeping your agency data safe no matter what, some agencies are legally obligated to do so by their state. States like New York, Ohio, and South Carolina have individual regulations agencies should know.

We keep our standards in line with the strictest state regulations, ensuring Partner Platform is up to standard throughout the U.S. Some of the measures we use include:

  • Restricted admin access limiting only a few select persons to accessing data.
  • Multi-factor authentication and complex passwords to access restricted data.
  • End-to-end data encryption to ensure information is continually protected.
  • Safe and swift disposal of nonpublic information the moment it’s no longer needed.
  • Redundant back-ups and disaster recovery plan to safeguard against power outages or security breaches.

Discover more on our commitment to data security here

Get the Right Data Security Partner in SIS

We make a commitment to our partner agencies to uphold the highest security standards, ensuring they can trust us with their data. We’re partners in security with our clients, working with and for them to create and support sustainable, secure infrastructure.

Hear what our clients have to say about their experience with Partner Platform and SIS on our Client Stories page.

Want to find out more? Get in touch at sales@sisware.com or 800.747.7005, Option 6.