Good partners and partnerships are critical to success in any business, but it’s crucial in technology where the pace of change and breadth of innovation is high. Insurance tech is growing fast, and it’s critical to look to progressive partners to keep up with the pace.

Why Partnerships Matter

Innovations happen everywhere, every day. Things like electric cars, an increase in IoT, the interconnectedness of tech systems in healthcare and our own homes, and other innovations significantly impact our industry. These tech advances inform how insurers can gain data to inform policies and process claims.

The pace of change is exceptionally high in this digital age. No matter how good your team is, you can’t do everything, and finding the right partner with the right complementary specialty can make all the difference in getting your customers what they need.

What We Look for in Our Partnerships

Who you partner with is incredibly important. Just as you take time to find the right employees, you need to be discerning when working with outside organizations.

When we at Partner Platform know we need a new partner in a specific arena, we look for Partner Allies that commit to innovation and excellent client experience. There are plenty of potential solutions out there, but we look for ones that simplify the experience for the customer and the effort needed to deliver it. That’s what innovation means to us – a total solution that is simple to use and easy to implement.

In the end, our partnerships are about shared values. Those core values are a shared perspective on client success and how easy it is for the client to implement something new in their everyday job. If the solutions aren’t easy or super compelling, it’s not going to happen throughout the agency.

Who We’re Partnering with Today

We regularly add to our insurtech partnerships, growing our Partner Allies list. Some of our stand-out partnerships include:

  • Semsee Comparative Rater: helps streamline the details of the sales process that frequently slow things down, such as packaging coverages, obtaining prices, and delivering quotes or proposals.
  • BlueJay Reviews: ensures our agencies have a positive online reputation and maximizes the value of agency marketing spend.
  • Rpost/RSign: provides email security as one of our longest-standing Partner Allies with fast, easy, and secure e-signature and encrypted email.
  • Lightspeed Voice VOIP: fosters a tight communication integration, including a pop-up screen when a client calls an agency.

Where We’re Headed with Partner Platform

Our goal is to have the best agency management system suite for today and tomorrow. A stagnant system does nothing for our customers in a world of quick innovation and rapid advances. That’s why we’re focused on growing our partnerships to better our systems, bringing the best in class to our Partner Platform agencies every day.

Find out what our Partner agencies have to say about their experiences on our Client Stories page, or view a demo to see the system for yourself. We look forward to growing our Partner Platform community and hope you’ll join us.

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