Harnessing the Power of Community

Harnessing the Power of Community

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In our daily lives, we engage in a variety of community environments. At work, at home, on vacation—wherever we may be, we can be engaging in and with a group. These communities may consist of our co-workers, neighbors, family, or another gathering of individuals with a common connection. These community environments are important in both our personal and professional spheres. By fostering community, we create and build relationships— a central part of success in business and life in general. For your independent insurance agency, harnessing the power of community is essential. Participation in community environments both in and around your agency leads to opportunities for connection and collaboration that ensures long term success. The true benefit of community comes of what YOU make of it. Your agency needs to recognize the benefits of your groups and foster relationships with them. In this eGuide, we’ll look at some ways your agency can build and engage in communities for a lasting impact on your business

What You’ll Learn

  • Benefits of Community
  • Identifying Local Communities
  • Steps for Local Engagement
  • Fostering Community in Your Agency

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