Strategic Insurance Software Introduces New Partner XE Client Portal

Apple-Devices1SIS is proud to release a new extension to the Partner XE system: the Partner XE Client Portal.

The Client Portal syncs an agency’s website with the Partner XE system, providing insured customers access to policy information online. Through the Portal, agency customers can view and print policy summaries, driver’s lists, auto ID cards, and certificates of insurance instantly. Agencies will receive real-time email notifications of customer activity and can view reports directly in the Partner XE system.

View a demo of the Partner XE Client Portal here

SIS worked closely with Board Members and the Partner XE Community to create the best experience for agencies and their customers alike. Product Manager Bryce Lee said of the Portal, “We achieved what our partner agencies needed: a simple way for policy holders to access their account information from the agency website.”

Multiple Partner XE agencies pilot tested the Client Portal before the full release. Mark Perkins of Perkins Insurance Agency called the Portal “a game changer,” adding, “It gives our clients the ability to securely access their policy information 24/7. This helps us compete directly with online markets and better secures our relationships.”

Hear more from our partner agencies on our Client Stories page

SIS CEO Alex Deak said the Partner XE Portal “is already one of the best enhancements we’ve added to Partner XE.” He added that the Portal strengthens the agency-customer connection saying, “We ensured the user experience is consistent with the agency brand and complements the existing agency relationship. This adds value through convenience and furthers customer loyalty. That’s the goal: make it easier for our partner agencies to serve their customers.”

The Partner XE Client Portal was released alongside a Partner XE 2017 Update. To read more about the Client Portal and the July 2017 update, read the full press release here.

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Partner XE User Community Event Recap – Iowa & Missouri

Partner XE User Community Event Recap – Iowa & Missouri

Thanks to all of our clients who chose to participate in the Partner XE Regional Learning events in Iowa and Missouri!  These were held in mid-May 2017.

It was another positive and informative experience to hear what’s on the mind of the agencies we serve and share recent updates to Partner XE was well as what is coming.

There is always a sense of gratitude when the feedback we receive regarding the enhancements we are making to Partner XE hit the target for what enable our clients to be more effective and productive.

We’ll continue to seek input and listen to the ideas of the Partner XE User Community so that the software reflects the reality of the independent agent.

Also a big thanks to Progressive and Safeco for their collaboration to make these events possible.

The Independent Insurance Agency Community: Boston and Hartford


Many thanks to Arbella Insurance for hosting the Boston Regional Learning!

This past week, the Strategic Insurance Software (SIS) team and I headed east for two Partner XE Regional Learning events in Hartford, CT and Boston, MA. Both events were well attended by our Partner XE community members, some coming from hours away to participate. Attendees enjoyed learning how to maximize their Partner XE experience and collaborating around improvements for future releases.

Read about our November Regional Learning in Nashville, TN

These events are some of my favorite parts of my job – engaging with and strengthening our independent insurance agency community. Some may question the need to travel and meet in-person. In our ever-connected world, why not just hold a webinar or online meeting? Though there is a time and place for that, the feedback we receive from our Partner XE community members say it all:

“I always appreciate a chance to learn more and get better within the system.  We appreciate you guys doing these in-person events.”

“The meeting was well done. I certainly picked up useful information, and I’m glad I made the 2-hour drive.”

“Partner XE continues to get better with each release. Thanks for continuing to meet with us and help us get better as an agency.”

This was our fifth time in Boston and second in Hartford, but each time feels new thanks to the thoughtful ideas we hear from our clients. I look forward to our next Regional Learning in Brandon, WI on May 2nd, where we’ll no doubt gain even more insights from our community in the Midwest.

Want to bring a Regional Learning to your area? Contact us!

I continue to receive positive feedback from last week’s attendees, and each note reaffirms the importance of these in-person meetings. We at SIS are continually inspired by the service-minded independent insurance agencies in the Partner XE community. Thank you to all who shared insights, and I look forward to many meetings to come!



SIS and Insurors of Tennessee Host Regional Learning

The insurance business is built on relationships. As a National Account Manager at Strategic Insurance Software (SIS), I have the pleasure of building many relationships with current and prospective clients each day.

Earlier this month I got the chance to build such relationships. Insurors of Tennessee gave my colleagues and I a chance to connect with close to two dozen independent insurance agency professionals at our Regional Learning workshop in Nashville, Tennessee.

Highlights of the day included:

  • Partner XE community members networking with prospective agencies
  • Popular “The Fastest Way To Do Everyday Tasks In Partner XE” session

The Partner XE Learning Workshop was a great event.  I attended with our Commercial Lines Leader and the topics covered were directly relevant for our operations.  Many of the capabilities reinforced what we were already doing, and the new enhancements made workflows easier and more effective so we can better serve our commercial clients.  Thanks to Jake and SIS team for this training- it was a winner!” -Denise Joy, BlueGrass Insurance

  • Additional sessions on maximizing Outlook integration, document management, and commercial workflows
  • Open Q and A session with SIS staff, including President Michael Doran
  • Multiple opportunities for networking and community-building

SIS President Michael Doran, Sales Executive Nick Massaro, and I were thankful for the chance to meet and network with so many agencies who challenged the status quo and switched to Partner XE.

I thank the Insurors of Tennessee for doing a superb job hosting the event – we in the SIS and Partner XE community appreciate their support.

If you weren’t able to attend this event, you can join us at our next Regional Learning at our headquarters in Columbus. Or, get in touch with us at to find out more about how Partner XE can transform the way you do business.