An End of Year Message from Strategic Insurance Software CEO Alex Deak

An End of Year Message from Strategic Insurance Software CEO Alex Deak

The year 2020 was one like no other: it provided individuals and businesses worldwide with some interesting and rarely seen challenges. Innovation, flexibility, and adaptation were required in increasing measure to reduce risk and make the most of the opportunities that came our way.

For the Partner Platform team at Strategic Insurance Software, the foundational service principles we practice every day were exercised in new ways and to new heights, helping us turn the many challenges of 2020 into some amazing successes. The growth and achievements of the team are truly remarkable.

See more about how our community came together during the uncertainty of 2020

In this unpredictable and challenging year, our team worked with the Partner Platform Community to improve the Partner Platform experience and achieved significant accomplishments including adding and enhancing features such as:

Beyond our product updates, our team also:

Read about one of our most notable 2020 achievements: our Virtual National Learning Event

Through it all, we as a team welcomed a dozen new team members, celebrated births and marriages from afar, and supported each other and our Partner Platform agencies through each new test and transition 2020 brought us.

We are thankful for our Partner Platform Community, who expressed encouragement and appreciation as we worked through the challenges of 2020 together. Countless positive emails and conversations on service team experience and product enhancements make us all exceedingly proud of our team’s commitment, effort, and accomplishments in serving the Partner Platform Community.

We look forward to building on these successes and assisting our clients in growing and flourishing in the years ahead.


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Teaming Up for Our Virtual National Learning Event: What We Learned from Our SIS Partners

Teaming Up for Our Virtual National Learning Event: What We Learned from Our SIS Partners

Last year, we began planning our 2020 Partner Platform National Learning Event. While we expected it to be different from our 2019 event, we never anticipated the COVID-19 global pandemic challenges. Yet, our innovative and adept team and SIS partners readily came together to form our first Virtual National Learning Event.

On October 15th and 16th, we welcomed over 750 registered guests for two days of learning. Guest speakers and our dedicated staff lent their expertise, and well over 3,000 views poured in as attendees participated in an average of five sessions each.

Read more about our response to the COVID-19 pandemic here

Two Days of Connections, Growth, and Insight

Over the two days of the event, the Partner Platform community encountered great insights from all who came, delving into engaging questions and continuing to sharpen the Partner Platform tools and experience.

Alex Deak  kickoff meeting National Learning Event
SIS CEO Alex Deak kicks off the National Learning Event with a nod to the many SIS Partner Platform partners

As CEO Alex Deak kicked off the event by covering SIS Partner Platform’s 2020 milestones, he also delved into what’s to come in 2021. Then, he turned things over to keynote Dr. Debra Jasper, Founder and CEO of MindSet Digital, who spoke on one of the event’s central themes: remote work and the power of digital connections.

After a Partner Platform 2020.4 overview from Director of Product Management Bryce Lee, the event turned to simultaneous presentations on one of three learning paths: agency growth and retention, valuation, and Partner Platform best practices.

Guest speakers included:

Bryce Lee joined SIS President Michael Doran to wrap up the event, sharing about “The Future of Partner” with updates on coming improvements and enhancements in 2021 and beyond.

Get a quick recap of our 2019 User Community National Conference here

Hearing from the Partner Platform Community

Immediately following the event, our team was flooded with feedback – a hallmark of the Partner Platform community. Some of the responses included:

I really enjoyed the webinars. I felt like I learned something in each one I attended. As always, I am very impressed with Partner and your team.
Good job!!

Amazing seminar these past two days! Thank you for all of the great information and updates. It was nice putting faces to names. It was also nice because we felt heard. A lot of things we had inquired about and proposed were being addressed. So, thank you and the Partner team for that.

Just wanted to thank Partner for the past two days of webinars. I learned so much.  It’s nice to know your company is always moving forward with technology.  So user-friendly, so glad we become customers!

Thank you!! We started using SIS at least eight years ago at my agency and have always appreciated your customer service and willingness to listen to our needs as an agency. You have come so far since the early days, and love all the innovation and improvements.

Take a look back on a decade of service in our 2019 10th Anniversary Video

Thank you to all who attended, provided feedback, and contributed to our commitment to always innovate and grow.

If you have additional thoughts or feedback, please get in touch at And, if you missed sessions or want to revisit any of the workshops, all Partner Platform users can access the recorded sessions on PartnerNet here.

Thank you again, and we look forward to seeing everyone again next year!

Connect with Community and Innovation: The Partner Platform 2020 National Learning Event

Connect with Community and Innovation: The Partner Platform 2020 National Learning Event

Community, learning, and innovation are core principles for the Partner Platform team. 2020 has provided many challenges and opportunities for our team to exhibit these principles. We’ve worked together to face the obstacles of social distancing and system interruptions, and innovated with more virtual learning events, enhanced webinars, and online learning to keep our community connected and educated.

What the Global Pandemic Taught Us About Digital Insurance and the Industry

What the Global Pandemic Taught Us About Digital Insurance and the Industry

Industries worldwide have a lot to learn from the unprecedented global pandemic that first hit the U.S. in early Spring 2020. The virus’s impact will be widespread, and the insurance industry has been hit just as hard as any other market.

Below are a few findings that speak to what we know about the state of the digital insurance market almost six months into the pandemic hitting U.S. shores.

See how SIS and the Partner Platform community responded to the pandemic

The Global Pandemic’s Effects on the Insurance Industry

Since the U.S. shut-down in mid-March, the COVID-19 pandemic affected the insurance industry in the following ways:

Find out how to get your agency back up to speed when facing a sales slump

What do These Effects Mean for Your Agency?

Business owners know gathering information is only the first step. Once you see the problem, what do you do about it? We suggest insurance agencies consider the following.

  • Get on the cloud. A rise in work from home means you need secure, anywhere access to your agency systems. When your data and systems are on the cloud, employees can access them wherever there is an internet connection.
  • Provide mobile access. Both employees and clients need mobile access to your management system and agency website. State regulations are changing daily, and you must keep clients and employees alike informed. Mobile access means they can get the daily information they need instantly.
  • Diversify your markets. If you haven’t yet, it’s time to widen your service sphere. One thing the pandemic taught us is life is unpredictable. You need to have multiple market sectors to keep a steady income flow. Agencies servicing primarily travel or other hard-hit industries are feeling the pain. Don’t let your agency experience the same.
  • Leverage Artificial Intelligence. With more questions coming in due to the uncertainty of the pandemic’s impact, you’ll need more help prioritizing and addressing them. A.I. can provide answers to commonly asked questions, quickly decide who in your office should take a call, and provide an immediate response so the client or prospect feels heard.
  • Invest in paperless processing. When agencies moved to work at home, printing, and mailing, or even scanning and faxing, forms became near impossible. Those that invested in paperless were set-up to continue business as usual.
  • Bulk up cybersecurity. As more employees access systems at home, you need to increase your cybersecurity protection. Redundant back-ups, multi-character encrypted passwords, and regular staff training are all essential factors to keep your agency safe.

Hear from our cybersecurity partners on how to securely work from home and protect your agency

Be Ready with the Right Partner

The Partner Platform team has worked to prep client agencies and partners for the unexpected since the beginning. We strive to equip Partner agencies with the best tools and systems to stay ready for any change and provide the community and service they need to weather any storm.

Do you have the right partner to ready your agency? Find out how we can be that partner. Read what our Partner agencies have to say and get more details at

Working Remotely, Working Securing Protect Your Agency with These Work-from-Home Webinars from Strategic Insurance Software

Working Remotely, Working Securing Protect Your Agency with These Work-from-Home Webinars from Strategic Insurance Software

Our Partner Platform agencies, like so many others across the world, have been forced to embrace agency-wide remote work, sometimes with days’ or hours’ notice. As we adjust to this surprise shift, we turned to our trusted partners for help. See below for two guest webinars from Strategic Insurance Software partners Brad Reuben of Archway Computer and Mary Belka of Eisenhart Consulting.

Announcing Partner Platform’s 2020 Updates

Announcing Partner Platform’s 2020 Updates

It’s hard to believe a new decade is here, and it’s a special one for us here at Partner Platform. We recently celebrated our 10th anniversary and are looking forward to the decade to come. As an agency-focused provider, we’re dedicated to giving our Partner Platform agencies the support they need.

Get a re-cap of our 2019 User Conference celebrating our 10th anniversary here

We’ve heard from our agencies and are now focusing on providing smaller updates more frequently throughout the year to help them stay up-to-date and on track to provide their customers with the best service and experience possible. This change in update schedule will:

  • Make it easier for agencies to digest new features and get staff up-to-speed
  • Provide targeted webinars, spending more time on new features
  • Allow for longer quality testing periods on each new feature
  • Produce more enhancements throughout the year

Discover all of Partner Platform’s capabilities here

What’s to Come for Partner Platform in 2020

Our big deal for the new year is the Agency App release. This much-anticipated feature will go live in the first quarter of 2020, adding to our already robust personalized digital offerings. The Agency App brings Partner Platform agencies to the forefront in the industry, propelling them to compete one-on-one with direct writers.

Combined with our Marketing Automation Manager, Producer Results Manager CRM, Client Portal, and integrated texting, the Agency App is part of a suite of products that no other management system provider in the market offers today.

Also in 2020, our team is focusing on three main areas: Commercial Lines Policy details, Reporting and Analytics, and New System Integrations. Some of our future updates include:

  • Rolling out support for eDocs and messages downloads
  • Report Scheduling
  • Integrating VoIP
  • Adding download for Commercial Inland Marine
  • Providing Premium Finance Integrations
  • Adding New Comparative Rating Solutions

This is only a taste of what’s to come in the next year! Our Partner Platform agencies can stay updated on PartnerNet. Interested in joining the Partner Platform community? Get in touch at contact us at 800.747.7005, Option 6, or