InsureSign announces integration with Partner XE agency management system

InsureSign announces integration with Partner XE agency management system


InsureSign announces integration with Partner XE agency management system
— Users of Strategic Insurance Software’s system can now simplify life and improve efficiency with the seamless use of InsureSign’s easy e-signature software — 

CHARLESTON, S.C. (APRIL 19, 2018) — Starting this month, Strategic Insurance Software’s (SIS) Partner XE users can begin easily and seamlessly securing signatures.

InsureSign, the e-sign tool trusted by tens of thousands of insurance professionals, today announced the launch of its integration with the Partner XE agency management system.

“Both SIS and InsureSign align on our missions to make the lives of insurance professionals easier, saving them time and eliminating common hassles,” said Joe Floyd, founder and CEO of InsureSign. “For SIS customers already used to Partner XE’S life-simplifying features, we’re proud to offer an additional tool for improving processes and servicing business even faster.”

The integration’s debut is part of a larger rollout by SIS of its new Partner XE 2018.2 this month.

“It’s important to us to build alliances and identify resources for our users that improve their work processes,” said Bryce Lee, director of product management for SIS. “We’re committed to continually look for ways to make our users’ lives easier. Through this integration, agents can now eliminate unnecessary steps and time-draining manual processes through easy-to-use solutions.”

Partner XE users can service insureds by securing signatures the fastest and easiest way possible via InsureSIgn. Not only do InsureSign users enjoy unlimited signatures, documents and templates each month, they can also enjoy the benefits of audit trails, auto reminders, auto archival, company branding and more.

InsureSign also offers three new premium features to “InsureSign Pro” users, including signing via text message, Gmail/Outlook integrations and custom landing pages.

About SIS
Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, Strategic Insurance Software (SIS) is the team behind Partner XE, an innovative web-based insurance agency management system helping independent agents break free from the status quo.  Partner XE is easy to use, streamlines workflows and enables agencies to run their business more affordably and effectively. Built on a foundation of strong technology and exceptional service, we’re moving forward with a constant eye on innovation that will make independent agents’ lives easier. For more information, please visit .

About Partner XE

Supporting downloads from over 360 carriers, real-time interaction, integrated agency accounting, and much more, Partner XE is a full-featured agency management system at an affordable cost for the independent insurance agency.


InsureSign is the simplest, fastest and most secure way to get documents signed electronically. Trusted by thousands of businesses of all sizes across North America, InsureSign lets your customers easily sign your documents from their laptops, tablets and mobile devices – and even via text message. Curious future customers can try InsureSign free for 14 days at

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SIS Announces Partner XE 2017 Fall Update

SIS Announces Partner XE 2017 Fall Update

The team at Strategic Insurance Software (SIS) is excited to announce the update of the latest round of Partner XE enhancements in the Partner XE 2017 Fall Update. This update includes additional lines support, expanded download capabilities, enhanced client and account management, and upgraded reporting and analysis features.

Each update and enhancement comes directly from Partner XE users. “We continue to enhance and expand Partner XE’s capabilities to meet the growing and changing needs of users,” SIS CEO Alex Deak said of the update. “This latest update contains over 50 enhancements to workflows and features requested by our clients as well as support for more commercial lines of business. It also includes support for the Partner XE Proposal Creator and Client Access Portal, which make Partner XE more valuable to agency users and clients.”

The update adds full support for Garage and Dealers Line of Business as part of SIS’s ongoing commitment to enhancing agency commercial lines capabilities. There are also enhancements to reporting, including new filter screens and options. Existing reports have been updated and new reports added in an effort to prioritize business analytics, helping agencies understand and improve their customer service and retention.

Alison Van Wyk of Partner XE agency Van Wyk Risk Solutions praised SIS’s continual drive to improve. “We’re always impressed with each new Partner XE update, and this upcoming one is no exception. SIS recognizes there is always room to grow, and they really take agencies’ needs to heart when crafting enhancements. In this update, we’re most excited about the new reporting options and features. This will allow us to better analyze our agency data, leading to improved operations and service.”

Highlights of the coming update include:

  • Claims Download and updates to Claims Management Screens
  • Improvements to Certificate Management
  • Ability to cross reference client profiles
  • Document category sorting
  • Updates to exit steps
  • ACORD form generation from QuickMenu
  • Addition of policy history description field

SIS Director of Product Management Bryce Lee called the Partner XE 2017 Fall Update the “most exciting update to date,” adding, “We have enhanced several areas of the system to improve user experience, cut out steps to make our clients more productive and added some exciting new reporting capabilities. We are also releasing several brand-new features, like claims download, which will make a huge difference for our agency’s day-to-day operations. Thanks to our Partner XE User Community Board and endless brainstorming meetings with agencies across the U.S. we’ve put together another powerful update.”

Partner XE agencies will receive the update in mid-October on a rolling basis. The SIS team will host webinars outlining each update capability, and always-accessible Quick Guides will provide users with step-by-step instructions on how to best utilize each capability. To find out more about the update, Partner XE users can visit

SIS Announces Partner XE 2017 Fall Update

Partner XE Users Gain Access to New Proposal Creator Enhancement

Columbus, OH – Strategic Insurance Software (SIS), the company behind independent insurance agency management system Partner XE, introduces its latest extension: the Partner XE Proposal Creator. This tool offers users the ability to create professional, agency-branded proposal documents instantly, leveraging information stored in the Partner XE system.

SIS President Michael Doran emphasized the new capabilities: “The Proposal Creator offers a simple, easy-to-use approach for creating comprehensive, professional looking proposals.  Agencies of all sizes now have the tools to create and customize proposals in a manner of minutes.”

Through the Proposal Creator, policy and submission information stored in the Partner XE system is flooded to predesigned Microsoft Word templates. Agencies customize templates with logos and personalized messaging, making each document agency-branded. Users can select from multiple cover page designs and take advantage of all the capabilities offered in Microsoft Word.

“The Proposal Creator grew out of our partner agencies’ requests to automate the proposal creation process without losing their branding or relying on expensive, complicated third-party systems,” said SIS Director of Product Management, Bryce Lee, “With this new Partner XE product, our users leverage the system they use every day to quickly and easily create complex, professional proposal documents that represent their agency as they wish.”

Lee and his team worked with Partner XE agencies to understand their needs. The team reviewed current agency proposals as well as proposals from carriers and other third-party programs. The best components of each were incorporated to come up with the ideal design and functionality.

John Heinsz, of Partner XE agency HSGW Insurance Services, is part of the agency user group consulted on the Proposal Creator. Heinsz praised the extension’s functionality and the collaborative process to bring it to fruition, “The Proposal Creator is another example of how SIS responds to agency needs.  This tool grew out of our user group’s suggestions. We know it will save Partner XE agencies a ton of time and simplify presentations to customers. Once again, SIS has done their due diligence to bring agencies a quality product, at an affordable cost.”

SIS CEO Alex Deak commented on the Proposal Creator’s origins and SIS’s commitment to meeting and exceeding agency expectations. “We heard our agencies’ need for a better way to create proposals, and we delivered a capability based on their specific requests. These simple, but impactful, enhancements fulfill our ultimate goal: advance agencies’ operations so they can better serve their customers.”

“This is just the latest enhancement with many more to come,” Deak said. “We plan to continue our collaboration and partnership with our users, delivering innovative solutions that help them now and in the future.”


About SIS

Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, Strategic Insurance Software (SIS) is the team behind Partner XE, an innovative web-based insurance agency management system helping independent agents break free from the status quo.  Partner XE is easy to use, streamlines workflows and enables agencies to run their business more affordably and effectively. Built on a foundation of strong technology and exceptional service, we’re moving forward with a constant eye on innovation that will make independent agents’ lives easier. For more information, please visit 

About Partner XE

Supporting downloads from over 350 carriers, real-time interaction, integrated agency accounting, and much more, Partner XE is a full-featured agency management system at an affordable cost for the independent insurance agency.

Strategic Insurance Software Introduces New Partner XE Client Portal

Apple-Devices1SIS is proud to release a new extension to the Partner XE system: the Partner XE Client Portal.

The Client Portal syncs an agency’s website with the Partner XE system, providing insured customers access to policy information online. Through the Portal, agency customers can view and print policy summaries, driver’s lists, auto ID cards, and certificates of insurance instantly. Agencies will receive real-time email notifications of customer activity and can view reports directly in the Partner XE system.

View a demo of the Partner XE Client Portal here

SIS worked closely with Board Members and the Partner XE Community to create the best experience for agencies and their customers alike. Product Manager Bryce Lee said of the Portal, “We achieved what our partner agencies needed: a simple way for policy holders to access their account information from the agency website.”

Multiple Partner XE agencies pilot tested the Client Portal before the full release. Mark Perkins of Perkins Insurance Agency called the Portal “a game changer,” adding, “It gives our clients the ability to securely access their policy information 24/7. This helps us compete directly with online markets and better secures our relationships.”

Hear more from our partner agencies on our Client Stories page

SIS CEO Alex Deak said the Partner XE Portal “is already one of the best enhancements we’ve added to Partner XE.” He added that the Portal strengthens the agency-customer connection saying, “We ensured the user experience is consistent with the agency brand and complements the existing agency relationship. This adds value through convenience and furthers customer loyalty. That’s the goal: make it easier for our partner agencies to serve their customers.”

The Partner XE Client Portal was released alongside a Partner XE 2017 Update. To read more about the Client Portal and the July 2017 update, read the full press release here.

Discover what Partner XE and SIS can offer your agency. Contact us at 800.747.7005, Option 6 or

The Power of the People

The Power of the People

The Power of the People How Partner XE Stays a Perfect Fit

As a company, we cannot evolve without our clients. Each client interactions is an opportunity to grow: to understanding expectations, market forces, and ultimately how we can best serve our partner agencies. Conversations with our support team, Regional Learning Events, Industry Events and work-groups all contribute to making Partner XE its most efficient.

Read a recap of our recent Regional Learnings in MA and CT

Through these interactions, we gain innovative ideas to enable greater agency effectiveness for each role.  This approach enables our clients to grow, add revenue producing roles and never outgrow Partner XE.

At a recent Boston Regional Learning, a client shared their initial skepticism about Partner XE’s growth abilities around commercial lines. When they first invested in the system, the capabilities weren’t quite there…yet. Now, they’ve not only grown at a rate well above the industry average, they’ve kept support staff the same and improved productivity. That’s a great win – for all of us.

Hear more from Partner XE users on our client stories page

It’s one thing to say you want to hear from your clients. It’s a whole other to actually change.  We’re intentional about listening and about follow through with a sense of urgency.  This creates greater trust and collaboration – acting as a true partner – working with our clients.

Get to know the Partner XE and SIS community

We’ll continue to drive innovation through this important partnership. We welcome you to share your agency’s needs with us. Get in touch at or 800.747.7005, Option 6.

Partner XE 2017 Enhancements – Where They Came from and Why

Partner XE 2017 Enhancements – Where They Came from and Why

We at SIS are proud to roll out our latest management system update with Partner XE 2017. We continue to challenge the status quo with this latest release, and the origin of each enhancement resonates that sentiment.

We’ve said it time and again, but it bears repeating that each Partner XE update comes right from our clients. Here’s the story behind some of the elements in our latest release:

FLOOD Personal and Commercial Lines Support

This policy build came from Partner XE agencies who support a significant number of FLOOD policies. Our team found all-policy information support from FLOOD carriers would improve policy processes for these agencies and improve their client service. It was a no-brainer to add such support.

We worked with these agencies to tailor the update to their needs. Beyond adding support for policy details and download, we addressed process and workflow to best support agencies selling and serving FLOOD policies.

Find out more about what Partner XE offers agencies

New Production Analysis Reports

These new reports came out of the Partner XE community Accounting and Reporting Workgroups. Such workgroups bring agencies together to talk about how Partner XE works for them and provide critical feedback on improvements. Workgroup members tested each report, provided feedback, and ultimately decided on the best format to release to the Partner XE community.

Hide Employee Feature

This update came from our new clients, many of whom kept seeing old employees in their database after conversion. Our team added the ability to hide employees to better the implementation process and overall Partner XE experience.

IVANS Market Appetite Integration

Partner XE users already benefit from integration with the IVANS Transformation Station, but we continue to hear a call for further IVANS connections. We’ve boosted that connection by adding IVANS’s Market Appetite feature. This new product helps agencies identify carriers outside their preferred network, offering different risk protection. This expansion in coverage options means more choice for customers and more business for our clients.

Hear from some of our clients about their Partner XE experience

Service Team Inspired Updates

Many of our updates came right from our service team, who are committed to giving Partner XE users a smooth experience. Our team is always watching for ways to streamline daily transactions and eliminate clicks, ensuring Partner XE is easier and more efficient to use. Based on their daily interactions with the Partner XE community, the team identified enhancements to make users’ lives easier. Some of these improvements include:

  • Updated ACORD forms
  • Revamped Notes & To Do Lists
  • Enhanced existing reports
  • Improved RealTime functions, including endorsement bridging

We know that when it comes to your agency management system, every click counts. Our goal is to continually make Partner XE faster, smarter, and easier, eliminating as many clicks as possible. To find out more about SIS and our Partner XE community, connect with us at or 800.747.7005, Option 6.