Minimizing Agency Cyber Risks

Minimizing Agency Cyber Risks

Your customers are your #1 asset. Without them, you have no business! So, you want to have a positive relationship with each of them. A big part of that is building trust, especially when it comes to keeping their information secure.

Are you ready to take on that responsibility? Only if you can say your agency is protected from cyber risk. A protected agency can make the following statements to their customers. Can you?

“Our agency data is monitored 24/7.”

If you’re utilizing an offsite, cloud-based data storage system, your data is protected round the clock.

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“We can securely receive sensitive customer information.”

Multi-character password-protected email encryption keeps sensitive data safe.

“Our agency data is backed-up regularly.”

Cloud services also provide consistent redundant back-ups, ensuring your agency’s data is doubly safe.

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“We have an agency plan to combat cyber-attacks.”

Every agency should have a plan in place. Know where your data is stored, how to access it during an attack, and your recovery process.

“Our agency has data security measures in place.”

Employ agency regulations around data safety, including strong passwords, control over application downloads, and limited access to sensitive data.

Let them know how you’re storing data, the measures you’re taking to keep it safe, and notify them immediately in the unlikely event of a data breach.

Connection and transparency is a big part of what we do at SIS. We keep our clients informed and maintain open communication about how their data stays safe with Partner XE’s secure infrastructure.

You can find out more about how Partner XE keeps agency data safe on our website. Or, get in touch with us at or 800.747.7005, Option 6.

Top 4 Reasons to House Your Insurance Data Offsite

Top 4 Reasons to House Your Insurance Data Offsite

“Cyber security” and “cloud storage” may seem like buzzwords, but both are more than just phrases – they are critical to agency operations and insurance data protection.

Data is your agency’s most valuable asset. Customer data, policy data, data on your gains and losses, and other critical pieces are the fuel on which your agency operates. You need to protect this data, and easily access it to keep your agency moving.

Why Cloud Storage?

It may be counter-intuitive that your agency’s data is safer “so far away” with an offsite cloud computing provider. But, in our super-connected world, it is never more than a click away. In reality, housing data offsite heightens its protection. Cloud providers specialize in securing and processing data, meaning your agency’s valuable information is in the safe hands of experts.

Offsite data storage through the cloud is the means for your data’s security. It ensures overall agency cyber security along with speed and ease of access to your agency’s data, among other benefits. If you don’t use cloud storage yet, here are just a few reasons why it’s time to invest in this critical piece of agency technology.

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1. Your Data Stays Safe

Data threats can come in many forms: hardware theft, hacking, natural disaster, and structural agency damage, to name a few. Geographic redundancy and multi-character password data encryption used in offsite storage ensure agency data is safe from such threats.

With cloud storage, data comes in and out through closely monitored access points. Cloud providers also stay up on industry and government data security standards, so you know your agency’s information is at the height of protection.

2. Your Data is Always Accessible

While securing your data is most important, accessing it is just as critical. Cloud storage allows you to access agency information anywhere you have an internet connection. Such connectivity means you can do business faster and serve customers better.

Data accessibility is vital should your agency fall victim to a security threat. Cloud providers work hard to ensure their facilities are safe from natural disaster areas, but you can’t guarantee the same for your agency. Should your agency’s hardware be compromised, you’ll be glad it’s not critical to data access. Offsite data storage allows you to seamlessly transition your operations to temporary spaces as you pick up the pieces.

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3. Your Data (and Agency) Can Easily Grow

Cloud storage also leads to faster data processing time. This streamlines operations and quickens customer response. Happier customers mean more business, and offsite data storage allows your agency to keep up with that growth. A simple increase in storage space is all your agency needs to add new locations or keep up with ever-emerging market trends.

4. Your Data Costs You Less

Storing agency data offsite can cost dramatically less than investing in the infrastructure to house it within your agency. Cloud storage providers already have the space, servers, and software to house your data, and you’re sharing costs with the dozens of other agencies renting their services. And you don’t need to add servers or other hardware as you grow – all is taken care of through the cloud. Finally, most providers offer pay per use, so you’re only paying for what you need.

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Why Not Consolidate?

The best and most convenient way to get cloud storage and data security is through your agency management system. Your management system houses all your agency data, so it makes sense to have that data hosted in a secure environment. Talk to your management system provider about offsite storage and cloud security in an effort to consolidate your expenses and heighten your insurance data protection.

At SIS, we house all Partner XE data with industry-leading cloud service providers like Expedient Data Centers and Amazon Web Services, in geographically distributed regions. All of our clients automatically gain the security, accessibility, and savings associated with cloud storage through our Partner XE management system.

To find out more about our secure infrastructure, visit our website at or contact us at  800.747.7005, Option 6.

Recipe for Success: New eGuide to Maximize Your Management System Experience

Recipes for successEvery agency has a management system, but not every system is utilized to its fullest. Many agencies set up their management system, plug in customer and policy data, and don’t use it for much else. Yet, so much more can be done when a system has the right ingredients for success.

Our most recent eGuide addresses these needs, and outlines how to apply each feature to fully maximize your agency’s processes. These ingredients include:

  • Paperless workflow
  • Automated data input and output
  • Security in the cloud
  • Customer service that goes above and beyond

If even one of these ingredients is off, or you don’t know how to use it, you run the risk of operating your agency at less than full capacity. Check out the eGuide, Recipe for Getting the Most Out of Your Agency Management System, and see how your management system and agency operations measure up.

Looking for more ways to make your agency more efficient? Check out our other eGuides, focusing on utilizing cloud apps to maximize efficiency, tips on increasing agency productivity, best practices for E & O management, and more. Have an idea for a guide you’d like us to explore? Contact us at to get the conversation started.

Protecting Your Agency from Cyber Threats: New Cyber Security eGuide Released

threat thumbnailAs an independent insurance agency owner, your number one priority is your relationship with your clients. Clients trust you to provide them with the best service, and to keep them safe. This means ensuring their personal data is protected – a task that is not easy these days. With large scale cyber hacks dominating the news, your clients may be asking what you’re doing to keep their information safe.

Our latest eGuide addresses these issues of data security. In this guide we look at:

  • Common cyber threats
  • Tools and tactics for protection
  • How to talk to your clients about cyber threats
  • Utilizing cloud storage for increased security

Download the eGuide here, and check out some of our recent posts on cyber security. We at SIS are committed to data security, and utilize top-notch cloud security to ensure safety.

To find out more about how our Partner XE keeps your agency information protected, contact us at

Is Your Data Safe? : Security in Your Agency Management System

security-data safeCyber security is on the rise as the holiday shopping season and its vulnerability to cyber-attacks approaches. As an independent insurance agency owner, it’s your job to think about the data you protect. Client and employee data needs to stay safe from cyber-criminals, who are continually coming up with new ways to hack systems.

Enter your agency management system – one of your greatest cyber security tools. Your system houses all the data you need to protect, making it the front line in your cyber security. Ensure your management system provider offers all you need to keep such information out of the hands of criminals.


Cloud storage is essential for data security. Your management system should be backed up by a third-party provider focused on security. Redundant backups and disaster recovery should be standard. Such providers have round the clock physical security, firewall data protection, and encrypted access. There is no safer place for your agency’s data to reside.


Both your management systems and its cloud provider should routinely update security. As we’ve explored in past posts, cyber-criminals are coming up with new ways to break in to systems each day. Frequent updates mean your agency is one step ahead of the criminals in keeping your data safe. Such updates should happen quickly and easily, with the bulk handled by your provider.


You should feel like the number one priority to your management system provider. This means regular communication and quick responses to any issues. Your agency should have access to an individualized support team focused on your agency’s specific needs. In addition, your provider should have a contingency plan in place for unexpected disaster.  They should be able to provide you with information on how to access your data and a timeline for recovery.

Ultimately, it is important to talk to your agency management system provider about what they’re doing to keep your data secure. Security is a top priority at SIS, as evidenced in our status as a CompTIA Security Trustmark+ company. Find out more about how we look out for our clients by visiting our client services page, or contact us today at