2019 Partner Regional Learning Recap

2019 Partner Regional Learning Recap

We wrapped up another round of engaging Partner Regional Learnings with visits to Massachusetts and Connecticut. The groups of 20-30 each had a great time learning how to maximize the insurance management system Partner Platform and provided great insights into future upgrades and enhancements.

At each Learning, we always see a nice blend of new and tenured clients. This mixture of skill and experience levels leads to stimulating collaboration, with each Partner agency learning helpful tips and tricks for system use.

Hear from our Partner agencies on our Client Stories page

Partner Regional Learnings are never “another boring software event.” Each training focuses on using the Partner Platform the best way possible and engaging superusers in feedback sessions for enhancements. Ideas vary by state, specifically around state-specific insurance regulations, but are always thoughtful and innovative. Engaging with such a vibrant, creative community is invigorating!

One of the best parts of the Regional Learnings are the questions. Commonly asked questions tend to focus on efficiency. Our Partner agents want to make sure they’re using the Partner Platform the best way possible. We focus on every little click and keystroke, highlighting ways to do more with fewer actions. These shortcuts make a huge difference in areas like document management and certificates. No matter how long someone has used the system, they’ll always learn something new. 

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We’re grateful our Partner community engages in this way. Agencies who embrace coming to regional events like these, attending webinars and joining us at national industry conferences have a significant impact on the direction of SIS, Partner Platform, and our industry partners. Engagement in the Partner community means shaping our goals and growth, which in turn impacts the growth of our Partner agencies.

We look forward to meeting with all our Partner Community later this month at the 2019 Partner XE User Community National Conference at our Columbus, OH headquarters. Find out more about this and other Partner Community events at https://partneragents.com.

What Does Service Mean to Your Independent Insurance Agency?

What Does Service Mean to Your Independent Insurance Agency?

“The service was excellent.”

This sentence is music to any business owner’s ears. Being known for great customer care and service is the golden ticket to lasting success. So, what does great service look like? We asked Strategic Insurance Software (SIS) staff and clients to talk a bit about what it means to serve and why they’re motivated to go above and beyond for their customers and clients.


Maine Agency Reflects on the Power of Personalization

Maine Agency Reflects on the Power of Personalization

The Thayer family has been running Batchelder Brothers Insurance in Sanford, ME for more than 140 years and counting. With history like that, the family-run business has become a cornerstone in the small town. “Our agency is committed to showing the people in this town that we care by protecting their interests, families, and businesses,” owner Andrew Thayer said of the agency. And it’s that care that attracted him to SIS and the Partner XE agency management system.


More than a Provider: Our Partnership Credo in Three Parts

More than a Provider: Our Partnership Credo in Three Parts

Running a successful business requires a great team. And not just the people on the payroll. All members of your community – employees, business partners, service providers, and other connections – impact your efforts in some way. Choosing the right community members has a huge impact on your business.

Your agency management system provider is a part of that community. At SIS we take this role seriously – we’re not just providing our partner agencies with a product, we’re creating an experience. And that experience is partnership.

Learn more about who we are at SIS and what partnership means to us


Behind the Scenes: Partner XE Community Workgroups

Behind the Scenes: Partner XE Community Workgroups

At SIS, Partner is who we are, and Community is how we work. Our Partner XE Workgroups are a hallmark of that community. These groups provide critical feedback on Partner XE updates and help shape our Partner XE management system into the versatile, efficient tool our agencies need.

Today we’ll take a look behind the scenes of this invaluable part of the Partner XE Community.

Find out more about the Partner XE User Community here

Who are part of the Partner XE Workgroups?

Workgroup membership is open to anyone in a Partner XE agency. Comprised of a mix of veterans and newcomers, representatives from Partner XE agencies elect to join a Workgroup focusing on a specific area in the Partner XE system.

Each group contains 8-10 members who meet quarterly, sharing ideas and coming up with practical solutions to improve Partner XE and the Partner XE Community.

What happens in a Workgroup?

Each Workgroup hones in on a specific area, such as Accounting, Mobile, or Commercial Lines. Recently, we’ve focused on our CRM and Marketing Automation products, coming in Fall 2018.

Check out our most recent product release, the Partner XE Client Portal

Our Workgroups started as conference calls, with one member taking and sharing notes. But, we found large group conversations didn’t offer enough time for each agency to share their thoughts. So, in true SIS fashion, we innovated and started focused calls with each Workgroup member agency.

In each call, the SIS team shares screens and walks through Partner XE enhancements and updates with Workgroup members, getting their opinions along the way. Then, we follow up with screenshots of improvement mock-ups for another round of feedback before making live changes. Through this process, we ensure each Partner XE update is agency tested and approved.

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 Why have Partner XE Workgroups?

The answer is simple: Partner XE agencies are the authorities on what they need to serve their clients and grow their agency. Each Partner XE update is based on these specific needs. Some examples of enhancements that came out of Workgroups are:

  • Certificate Management enhancement
  • Document Management system
  • Policy Details screen updates

Upcoming development projects from Workgroups include:

  • CRM and Marketing Automation products
  • Claims Management updates
  • Attaching documents to activities
  • And more to come in Partner XE 2018.3 this Fall!

Curious to know more about the Partner XE Workgroups and how you can get involved? Contact me, SIS Director of Product Management, Bryce Lee, at blee@sispartnerplatform.com. Or, to join the team of Partner XE agencies, contact one of our team members at sales@sisware.com