Using automation technology to enhance your business

Top 10 “Universal” Agency Management System Best Practices

Looking to simplify workflow and improve agency productivity? Want to use automation technology to transform and grow your business? Read on.  At SIS we want to help you do just that. Adhering to the following list of universal best practices for agency management systems is a good way to start. No matter what agency management software you are using, these practices can significantly enhance productivity (and as a result make every day a little easier).

10 best practices for using an agency management system

  • Use the Real Time Tools provided by your agency management system to connect with carriers.
  • Use electronic Document Management and Storage to its fullest. Create and integrate new paperless workflow procedures and make sure all personnel are properly trained.
  • Establish documented workflow procedures and file naming conventions.
  • Be diligent with Data Entry. Train producers and CSRs to log all necessary information into your agency management system so that anyone who gets a call from a client can log in and have all the information they need at their fingertips.
  • Streamline Accounting by using an accounting system created for agency accounting that is a part of your agency management system.
  • Fully embrace Custom Reporting Features and use reports to drill down and gain insight into your business.
  • Use your agency management system to Empower a Mobile Workforce.
  • Make sure all data is backed up. Always.
  • When in doubt, Automate.
  • Get involved in your system’s User Group to make sure your system stays up-to-date with today’s every changing technology and continues to fill your ever-changing needs.

In the coming weeks, we’ll drill down on these topics in a bit more depth with a series of blog posts. If you have any questions in the meantime, please feel free to get in touch. You can contact us by filling out a short online form or by calling 800-747-9273.

About SIS: SIS is the team behind Partner XE insurance software – an innovative online-hosted insurance agency management system that helps independent agencies streamline workflow and grow their business.  Built on a foundation of strong technology and exceptional service, we’re moving forward with a constant eye on innovation that will make independent agents’ lives easier. We’re out to take the industry – and your agency – to a new level. 
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