Google Plus for Insurance AgenciesRecently, Steve Anderson wrote a follow-up to Stop Whining: Embrace Google+ titled Another Reason to Embrace Google+ . In this article, Anderson points out that most insurance agencies are local businesses, and local businesses need to advertise locally; hence the need for local listings. “As a local business, you want to be found and do business with people who live and work within a small radius of your physical office location.”

Anderson states that 43 percent of search queries with Google are local and 74 percent of these local searches are done using mobile devices such as cellular phones and tablets. Now that Google+ has replaced the old “Places” in their search engine with “Google+ Local”, businesses should merge their Google+ Local listing with the agency Google+ Business page.

In his article, Anderson also mentions some additional benefits to creating a presence on Google+. The benefits mentioned include:

  1. Improved Search Results
  2. Expanded Visuals
  3. Direct Interaction with Customers
  4. Assigning Multiple People to your Google+ Local Page
  5. Multiple Pages for Multiple Locations
  6. Friend Recommendations

Summing up the article, Anderson suggests your next steps to creating a Google+ account or how to optimize your Google+ Business page if one has already been created. He reminds readers that if they already have a “Google Places” listing, they already have a “Google+ Local” page as well. Linking the Google+ Local page with a Google+ Business page is the next step in establishing a strong internet presence.

This post is part of a series on Insurance Marketing Strategies brought to you by SIS.  At SIS we view it as our job to make all the behind the scenes tasks that go into running an independent insurance agency simpler, so you can focus on growing your book of business.

We do this by doing what we do best – listening to our clients’ needs, constantly working to build a better agency management system, providing outstanding ongoing customer support and looking for the next “best way” we can help you out.   

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