That’s a Wrap! SIS President Reflects on Nine-State Regional Learnings Tour

That’s a Wrap! SIS President Reflects on Nine-State Regional Learnings Tour

As we head into summer, the Partner XE team is back in our Columbus headquarters wrapping up a nine-state Regional Learnings tour over the past few months. We’re grateful for the turnout and collaboration with the Partner XE User Community in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, and Ohio and look forward to visiting even more regions in the Fall.


Nashville Take Two: November Regional Learning Recap

Nashville Take Two: November Regional Learning Recap

This past month we came back for round two with the Insurors of Tennessee at their Nashville headquarters. This year’s Regional Learning brought attendees from multiple states to learn about the latest Partner XE enhancements and updates. Community members came from across

sis team member nick at a trainingAttendees got first-hand expertise from SIS’s Jake Thaxton, Nick Massaro, and President Michael Doran. Each played an important role in facilitating theTennessee, Kentucky, and Georgia to experience these new capabilities and find out how to most effectively integrate them into their agencies for increased efficiency. training. The Regional Learning could not have happened without the efforts Insuror of Tennessee’s own Daniel Smith and Ellie Small, whose coordinating efforts created a positive experience for everyone.  Special thanks to Indium’s Margot Koester for joining us and sharing Indium’s independent agency-specific training curriculum.

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Jake Thaxton, SIS Client Services Manager, led the training sharing his broad knowledge and sense of humor. Many attendees were returners from last year’s training and came prepared with questions and comments to further improve the Partner XE system. The sense of camaraderie, collaboration, and learning was evident throughout the day.

One attendee put it best: “Rarely do I make that drive and leave happy I took a day out of the office. This event was one of those days where I was genuinely pleased to have (attended).”

We feel the same.  Many thanks to all who made the trip! We look forward to continuing our collaboration and seeing everyone again in 2018.

Find out more about our Partner XE User Community events, including our upcoming Regional Learning at our Columbus headquarters, at partneragents.com. We hope to see you at our next event!

Partner XE Regional Learning Recap: Greensburg, PA

Partner XE Regional Learning Recap: Greensburg, PA

Our Partner XE Regional Learnings continue to expand! Earlier this month, the SIS team traveled east for a Regional Learning in Greensburg, PA near Pittsburgh. SIS President Michael Doran recapped the event below.

We couldn’t have felt more at home at our Partner XE Regional Learning event at Tuscano Agency in Greensburg, PA. Pinnacle Group Insurance Services’ Kirk Haldeman and Rob Tuscano, Robin Tuscano, Jeremy George and the rest of the team at the Tuscano Agency brought a positivity and warmth to the training that extended for the day.

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The Western PA Partner XE Community gathered for four hours of high-quality training. While four hours of software training may sound tiresome, nothing could have been further from the truth. Between Browns/Steelers barbs and Penn State/Ohio State jibes, good laughs were shared by all.

Manager of Client Services Jake Thaxton led the training, keeping it both lively and informative. Here’s what our community members had to say about the training:

“…I thought the workshop was excellent and look forward to sharing the changes with our staff.  Thanks for continuing to improve the system!”

“Thank you for a very informative couple of hours. We’re excited to move forward with SIS.  Everyone I’ve worked with on your staff is very helpful and professional.  It’s much appreciated.”

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“I always appreciate how ‘reachable’ the folks at SIS are.  Thanks for coming out to Western PA.  I picked up some helpful nuggets I’ll share with the office.  And I have no problem offering testimonials!”

“…the meeting was so informative…that we came into the office today and shared what we learned.  We’re moving along more efficiently in Partner XE.  I’m so thrilled to learn all these new capabilities.”


We look forward to continuing to support the Partner XE Community in Western Pennsylvania and thank them for making it a wonderful event.

To bring a Regional Learning to your area, get in touch with your account manager or contact us at 800.747.7005, Option 6.