InsureSign announces integration with Partner XE agency management system

InsureSign announces integration with Partner XE agency management system


InsureSign announces integration with Partner XE agency management system
— Users of Strategic Insurance Software’s system can now simplify life and improve efficiency with the seamless use of InsureSign’s easy e-signature software — 

CHARLESTON, S.C. (APRIL 19, 2018) — Starting this month, Strategic Insurance Software’s (SIS) Partner XE users can begin easily and seamlessly securing signatures.

InsureSign, the e-sign tool trusted by tens of thousands of insurance professionals, today announced the launch of its integration with the Partner XE agency management system.

“Both SIS and InsureSign align on our missions to make the lives of insurance professionals easier, saving them time and eliminating common hassles,” said Joe Floyd, founder and CEO of InsureSign. “For SIS customers already used to Partner XE’S life-simplifying features, we’re proud to offer an additional tool for improving processes and servicing business even faster.”

The integration’s debut is part of a larger rollout by SIS of its new Partner XE 2018.2 this month.

“It’s important to us to build alliances and identify resources for our users that improve their work processes,” said Bryce Lee, director of product management for SIS. “We’re committed to continually look for ways to make our users’ lives easier. Through this integration, agents can now eliminate unnecessary steps and time-draining manual processes through easy-to-use solutions.”

Partner XE users can service insureds by securing signatures the fastest and easiest way possible via InsureSIgn. Not only do InsureSign users enjoy unlimited signatures, documents and templates each month, they can also enjoy the benefits of audit trails, auto reminders, auto archival, company branding and more.

InsureSign also offers three new premium features to “InsureSign Pro” users, including signing via text message, Gmail/Outlook integrations and custom landing pages.

About SIS
Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, Strategic Insurance Software (SIS) is the team behind Partner XE, an innovative web-based insurance agency management system helping independent agents break free from the status quo.  Partner XE is easy to use, streamlines workflows and enables agencies to run their business more affordably and effectively. Built on a foundation of strong technology and exceptional service, we’re moving forward with a constant eye on innovation that will make independent agents’ lives easier. For more information, please visit .

About Partner XE

Supporting downloads from over 360 carriers, real-time interaction, integrated agency accounting, and much more, Partner XE is a full-featured agency management system at an affordable cost for the independent insurance agency.


InsureSign is the simplest, fastest and most secure way to get documents signed electronically. Trusted by thousands of businesses of all sizes across North America, InsureSign lets your customers easily sign your documents from their laptops, tablets and mobile devices – and even via text message. Curious future customers can try InsureSign free for 14 days at

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More Than an Agency Management System Provider

John Britton - smallJohn Britton and his team at The Insurance Shop take pride in providing personal, commercial and farm policies to the people of Odon and Loogootee, Indiana. This group of friendly, caring, and loyal people work together to serve their customers as a team. The goal: to make life less complex for the local businesses and families they serve.

After a decade with their agency management system provider, John and his team realized they needed a provider that would make their life easier, too. They started looking for a team player that wouldn’t increase costs. So, when they received a call from SIS National Account Manager Luke Purnell, they took a moment to listen…and liked what they heard.

“One word:  Service. No other provider out there can compare with SIS,” said John of the partnership, “We know the people at SIS, and they know us.”

logo2fullclrWe talked with John about The Insurance Shop’s decision to switch to Partner XE and SIS. He shared wisdom such as:

  • Paying for only what you’ll use in a system
  • Working with a company that listens
  • Going for an intuitive, easy to use system
  • Holding out for good service
  • And more!

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Fast-Growing Kentucky Agency Gets the Support They Need

Bluegrass Head ShotWhen Denise Joy joined Elizabethtown, KY-based Bluegrass Insurance Services in 2012, she was excited to be part of a hard-working, fast-growing business. The Bluegrass motto “We’ll do anything” speaks to the level of service and personal attention found in this independent insurance agency.

However, it quickly became clear Bluegrass’ needs were growing, but their insurance management system was not. Denise described the system as “cumbersome,” coupled with out-of-touch support and zero training. Suffice to say it was time for a change. “We realized our agency was growing and we had to get a better solution,” Denise said. “We couldn’t wait any longer.”

Bluegrass LogoSo, Denise and her team reconnected with a provider and system they’d demoed previously: SIS and Partner XE. With SIS and Partner XE, Bluegrass found a partner that listened and a system that evolved with them.

When asked about the switch to Partner XE and SIS, Denise had this to say: “They have people who are willing to help when you reach out, no matter what your need may be. You just can’t beat that level of attentiveness and support.”

We talked with Denise about Bluegrass’ insurance management system transition including touching on:

  • What led them to seek a new management system solution
  • How they researched Partner XE and SIS
  • What stands out in the Partner XE system
  • Where Partner XE benefits their agency most

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