You recently heard from us around ideas for building a successful sales team, answering the age-old question: “how do insurance agents get clients?” Some of the key ideas we shared were:

  1. Planning – beginning with the end in mind and working towards your goals.
  2. Execution – breaking your sales plan into repeatable steps that become part of your agency’s DNA, inspiring individuals to take the actions necessary to win new business.
  3. Tools – the training, software, reports, etc. an agency uses to gather information and automate where possible to make the most informed decisions.

These strategies are a far cry from randomly cold-calling from the yellow pages. The most successful individuals or agencies are those with focus.  Focus contains an understanding of who you are and what you do, combined with the ability to go find “more of the same.”

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Your agency already has one of the most effective tools you need to bring that focus to your sales strategy: your agency management system.

Harvesting your system for similar or like clients is a major advantage for the disciplined producer or agency.  Identifying target audiences – current clients with only one policy, former clients, prospects with similar needs to your existing book of business – brings that focus in and makes the win that much closer.

Your management system can also provide much-needed information on what your book of business looks like and how you can leverage your strengths. Use it to understand the programs your agency offers and how that overlaps with businesses in your service area.  You can also get to know seasons of buying, adjusting timing to yield a higher success rate with each pitch.

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Gaining this level of information ensures you’re ready when the time comes. Some desired prospect is always interested in reducing their risk and protecting the things they value.  Find them and earn the right to have a shot at their business. Through professionalism, consistency, and effectiveness you’ll inspire them to act and invite a conversation.

Winning new business is about preparation, action, and attitude.  Leverage the data at your fingertips to get prepared. Knowing you’re ready will inspire you to act. And the results will speak for themselves.

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