At SIS, Partner is who we are, and Community is how we work. Our Partner XE Workgroups are a hallmark of that community. These groups provide critical feedback on Partner XE updates and help shape our Partner XE management system into the versatile, efficient tool our agencies need.

Today we’ll take a look behind the scenes of this invaluable part of the Partner XE Community.

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Who are part of the Partner XE Workgroups?

Workgroup membership is open to anyone in a Partner XE agency. Comprised of a mix of veterans and newcomers, representatives from Partner XE agencies elect to join a Workgroup focusing on a specific area in the Partner XE system.

Each group contains 8-10 members who meet quarterly, sharing ideas and coming up with practical solutions to improve Partner XE and the Partner XE Community.

What happens in a Workgroup?

Each Workgroup hones in on a specific area, such as Accounting, Mobile, or Commercial Lines. Recently, we’ve focused on our CRM and Marketing Automation products, coming in Fall 2018.

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Our Workgroups started as conference calls, with one member taking and sharing notes. But, we found large group conversations didn’t offer enough time for each agency to share their thoughts. So, in true SIS fashion, we innovated and started focused calls with each Workgroup member agency.

In each call, the SIS team shares screens and walks through Partner XE enhancements and updates with Workgroup members, getting their opinions along the way. Then, we follow up with screenshots of improvement mock-ups for another round of feedback before making live changes. Through this process, we ensure each Partner XE update is agency tested and approved.

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 Why have Partner XE Workgroups?

The answer is simple: Partner XE agencies are the authorities on what they need to serve their clients and grow their agency. Each Partner XE update is based on these specific needs. Some examples of enhancements that came out of Workgroups are:

  • Certificate Management enhancement
  • Document Management system
  • Policy Details screen updates

Upcoming development projects from Workgroups include:

  • CRM and Marketing Automation products
  • Claims Management updates
  • Attaching documents to activities
  • And more to come in Partner XE 2018.3 this Fall!

Curious to know more about the Partner XE Workgroups and how you can get involved? Contact me, SIS Director of Product Management, Bryce Lee, at [email protected]. Or, to join the team of Partner XE agencies, contact one of our team members at [email protected]

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