protect from cyber threatsIt has been quoted that nearly every two seconds a new malicious URL is created for use in a cyber attack. These URLs quickly and quietly embed a small Trojan virus code in your computer, putting everything stored in your device at risk. This staggering fact impacts anyone using the internet, and is especially scary to those with a small business such as your independent insurance agency.

You and your agency are responsible for protecting your customer’s information, and a cyber attack would easily compromise that data. In our last post, we looked at some of the latest trends in cyber threats. In this post, we will look over how your agency can be proactive in protecting your data from such online attacks.

Train your employees

Be upfront about the threats facing your agency’s data and lay out regulations to protect it. Enforce strong passwords and control application downloads. Be strict about access to sensitive data, limiting it to a few key staff.

Protect your emails

Encrypt, encrypt, encrypt! All emails (especially attachments) sent from your agency should be encrypted and password protected to stay safe. Screen emails closely and be careful about opening any that seem fishy.

Have a plan

Your agency should include cyber attacks as part of your contingency plan. This means documenting where data is stored, how to access it in the event of an attack, and how to recover your systems.

Back up and protect

Ensure all of your data is stored and backed-up in an off site server via the cloud. The best cloud services offer redundant back-ups, so your data is doubly protected, and are constantly monitoring for threats.

SIS Knows the Power of the Cloud

We at SIS know and utilize the power of the cloud, and take pride in making sure your agency’s data stays protected. Our cloud services boast around the clock physical security, internet and server firewall data protection, automatic security updates and malware and anti-virus protection to ensure your agency is protected.

Find out more about what SIS’s cloud services has to offer, and talk with one of our amazing client services team members today at 800.747.7005.

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