Insurance MarketingAccording to an article written by Angelyn Treutel titled Top 10 Reasons to Use an Agency Management System, “90% of agencies use an agency management system.” Large or small, an agency management system not only increases efficiency and reduces costs, but also preserves past, present, and potential clients in one centralized location. Using the information and features available in your management system to enhance your marketing efforts is a sure-fire way to manage what used to be a daunting task.

Here are some helpful suggestions for how to utilize the reporting capabilities of your agency management system not just for your book of business, employee productivity and sales growth, expiration lists, call analysis, and product reports, but to conduct a marketing analysis as well.

  • Track the dates that quotes went out and set a date for that quote to remind yourself to follow-up. Keep the conversation simple, genuine, and light.
  • Track the dates of policy expirations to evaluate the coverage of current clients and what additional coverage they might benefit from.
  • Keep track of important dates of your clients. Sending a Happy Birthday or Anniversary message to a current client is a great way to build relationships and convey that you recognize the important dates in their life. Also, knowing that their son or daughter is quickly approaching driving age and policy adjustments may need to be made will help you proactively reach out to ensure they have the coverage necessary to protect those they care about most.
  • Utilize the calendar feature to track the marketing efforts you have made throughout the year. This will help you as you plan next year’s activities and analyze what efforts were successful and which were not.
  • Use your management system to identify what lines of business your current clients do not have. Partner XE can easily create reports for any client with and/or without any line of business, giving you the ability to easily create cross sell marketing initiatives for CSRs or Producers.

As a company strongly focused on out of the box thinking, we here at SIS strive to incorporate the ability to conduct several tools that can be utilized for a marketing campaign in Partner XE. Our innovative Outlook Integration feature captures email conversations and stores them in the appropriate client folder. This feature enables you to recall previous marketing correspondence quickly and easily.

Our Notes, Messages, and to-do Lists help you stay organized with reminders of who has inquired about available services, who you have contacted about your valuable services, and where you are in the marketing process of a specific client or potential client. Also, the integrated Accounting module features financial and production reports; enabling you to understand the strengths or weaknesses of your marketing efforts.

If you would like to find out more about the Partner XE agency management system and how it can help you as you strive to implement a marketing program, streamline workflow and build your books of business, please contact us at 800-747-9273 or [email protected].

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