Digital Marketing for Independent Insurance Agents

Enhancing traditional insurance marketing methods with online tools and resources:

Digital Marketing is an important tool for Independent Insurance Agents, however, in an age of constant change and innovation in the tools and resources available to market your insurance agency, it can be tough to keep up – particularly when marketing is not your core business.

Fortunately there are some great resources out there like ACT to help make keeping up a little easier. In another excellent article published by the organization, Expand Your Marketing Strategy Online, Three Digital Parallels to Traditional Tactics, author Matt Marko, discusses three digital techniques that can be used to “extend the strong local presence they have developed to local prospects.”

Our top 8 take-aways:

  • The online equivalent of the Yellow Pages is Local Search.
  • Agencies should take advantage of free options that audit how effectively they have claimed their local search listings and make it possible to create listings with each of the primary search engines from one website.
  • Business listings should remain consistent across search engines and include as much relevant content as possible (address, phone number, email address, website, etc.)
  • It is a good idea to generate as many online references to your business as you can among search engines.
  • For agencies that have nurtured word-of-mouth referrals from their customers, encouraging your customers to share their feedback online is an easy way to amplify their voice.
  • Agencies should create a strategy for getting customers to review their business online.
  • On-line advertising, whether through local media outlets or through Facebook can replace or supplement newspaper advertising.
  • Facebook give you pinpoint targeting options that print and online publications cannot.

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