errorsIn our previous posts, we have look at a number of tools and processes to aid independent insurance agencies in avoiding errors and omissions. These tactics aid in E & O by keeping track of data, making immediate updates as needed, and consolidating client information in one place. While these “front end” elements are an important part of your E & O prevention, it’s all for naught if you don’t know why and how E & O is occurring in your agency.

By “getting to the bottom of things” after an error or omission occurs, you can take the most effective preventative measures needed for your agency. Here are a few ways to go about the investigative process of finding your E & O root causes:

1. Report on all errors and omissions: Immediately, thoroughly, and accurately
2. Gather information
: From employees, clients, and any other parties involved in process
3. Re-trace steps:
Carefully, intentionally, and critically
4. Discuss and analyze results:
With employees, management system provider
5. Take action:
Implement changes, assess results

This process should be repeated as many times as you encounter an error or omission within your agency. Additionally, set up a system to constantly monitor and assess your agency’s systems to spot potential E & O traps. If you’d like a professional outsider opinion, consider an E & O audit for your agency.

As mentioned, your agency management system provider is an excellent resource for talking about how to improve your E & O prevention processes. At SIS, we work with our clients to make Partner XE efficient and effective, incorporating security and record keeping practices to prevent E & O issues. To find out about our other Partner XE capabilities, like mobile access and Outlook synching, contact us today!

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