rewarding associatesIn our previous post, we highlighted some important ways to set and achieve goals, including celebrating your successes. Such celebrations help motivate and incentivize success, making it an important part of your agency’s practice. Everyone appreciates a little recognition for their hard work, and your associates an employees are no exception. Through simple recognition and rewards, you can boost individual motivation and overall agency moral. Here are a few ways you can spread the love to those who work hard for you and your agency:

  • Treat them – Take associates and staff out to lunch or dinner, showing them you value their work enough to give them your time. Make it extra special by inviting an important connection, like a key client, service provider, or senior associate to join.
  • Add a personal touch – Never underestimate the power of a handwritten note. Take the time to write down exactly what it is you appreciate about the individual, and add in a thoughtful gift card to their favorite restaurant or coffee place. Make a bigger impact by having a senior associate write the note on your behalf.
  • Make it public – Although personal and individual recognition is impactful, don’t forget about sharing the job well done. Think about starting weekly or monthly “award sessions” in which you highlight the good work of one staff or associate, and present the reward (gift card, cash, etc.) during an agency-wide meeting. Keep a record of winners and have it on display in the office, reminding everyone that good work does not go unnoticed.
  • Give extra perks – Little perks can go a long way. Offer extra vacation time, flexible work hours, or work from home options to show you value their commitment to your agency. Such perks also show you trust your associates and staff, giving a little extra note of gratitude.
  • Take it to the bank – Bonuses and raises remain one of the best ways to show your staff and associates that their work is appreciated. The difference with bonuses and raises is that you can include increased responsibility as part of the deal – something you can’t expect with other rewards.

We at SIS want to thank all our clients for their commitment to being a great partner. We continue to work hard for our clients, striving to make Partner XE the best tool for all agency needs. We’re always here to answer your questions and take your ideas on how to improve our operations and business. To share your thoughts, contact us today!

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