10 Things Agencies Do Right (and Wrong) with Agency Management Systems:

The Good, The Bad and The OpportunityOpportunity to Use Agency Mangement System better


Earlier this month Insurance Journal published an article 10 Things Agencies Do Right (and Wrong) with Agency Management Systems. In the article, several industry thought leaders, including Jeff Yates and Steve Anderson, shared their views on how effectively independent agencies are using their management systems.

The Good News

Overall the folks interviewed felt that agencies are doing a good job using their agency management software to increase efficiencies, create agency value and provide good client services.  The ways that these things are being done (utilizing software as a service, accounting tools, personal lines downloads, etc.) help define and round out the top 10.

The Bad News

Most of the “bad news” cited in the article can bundled into the categories of poor planning and implementation, lack of accountability/ follow through and failure to use the available technology to its fullest.

The Opportunity

Of course, if you look at it like we do, the “bad news” is really just an opportunity for improvement. Identifying areas of deficiency is the first step to addressing them.

  • Is your agency taking full advantage of Real-Time?
  • Do you use your agency management system’s reporting capabilities to their fullest?
  • Are you consistent and thorough with data entry?
  • Does your agency take advantage of system updates and implement workflow improvements as they are released?
  • Are you an active participant in your agency management system user group?

If not, there is no better time than the present to start. It will take time, but with a conscious commitment to change, buy-in from your team and the right agency management system partner at your side things should fall into place with relative ease.

Partner effectively

At SIS we make it our business to help our agency partners make the most of their systems. Of course our service team is always ready and willing to answer system questions. Where we set ourselves apart is that we also make it a priority to listen to their concerns and find new ways to help them improve business operations and efficiency.

Because of our ongoing commitment to our partner agents’ success, our professional services offerings and enhanced training opportunities will continue to grow to help every agent get the most out of Partner XE’s features and capabilities.

Partner XE is a fully hosted agency management system, so upgrades are automatic – you just need to start using the new features. We help with that too…

In addition to a large online library of training resources, we offer monthly informational webinars, send out bi-monthly tips and tricks and often include “agency to agency” features in our newsletter where our agents share best practices. NASPA, our extremely active user group is another great source of information and knowledge sharing.

If you want to turn the bad news into opportunity, there is no better agency management system partner to help you than SIS.  Built on a foundation of strong technology and exceptional service, we’re moving forward with a constant eye on innovation that will make your life easier. We’re out to take the industry – and your agency – to a new level.


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