Disaster eGuide

Disaster can strike your agency in many forms: extreme weather, fire, and break-ins can interrupt your agency operations and cause serious damage. When such emergencies strike, it’s important for your agency to be ready to act. Not only do you need to care for the physical needs of your property and staff, but you must also set up procedures to keep your agency operational during a crisis.

Our latest eGuide, Natural Disaster Preperation and Keeping Your Agency Running: 5 Steps Every Agency Should Take highlights ways to prepare your agency to weather the storm. The guide addresses identifying threats to your agency, protecting your employees, securing your agency’s data, and creating a contingency plan for business continuity.

You can download the eGuide on our website, sispartnerplatform.com, and check out how SIS can provide your agency with the support you need during a crisis. To find out more about SIS and our personalized customer service, contact us at [email protected].

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