download eguideWith the start of a new year, many are making resolutions to improve themselves. Such resolutions are not just for individuals, but can be made for your agency as well. One of the hardest parts of making such resolutions is knowing where to begin. Do you go for the big change, or start with something small? How many new goals should you set? What can you do keep momentum?

In our latest eGuide, we explore some effective ways to set and achieve goals for your independent insurance agency. We look at how to set goals, and the best ways to ensure you follow through on your plans. Being intentional about your goal setting sets you up for success in this year, and beyond.

Check out our eGuide today by visiting the SIS resource page. Once there, you can explore a host of other great resources, such as our blog, client stories, FAQ and Partner XE demos. See something missing? Contact us to let us know what you’d like to see. Happy goal setting!

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